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I’ve asked a similar question and am also looking for an answer to this. It’s not about changing all the buttons, it’s about changing only one of them.

Putting the button in the supporter nav is not terribly useful. We’ve got a lot of people who will not want to “sign in” and give information. We want to get them to the donate page quickly and clearly, with a minimum number of clicks.

It would be useful if we could get a piece of code that started with

(if the button is = ‘donate’ or some other slug, then)
(here’s the code to change that button)

If you can include the code to make that button sit on the right side of the top nav instead of put with all of the others, that would be even better.

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Customizing the Nav Bar - highlighting/right justifying "DONATE" button.

We would like to modify a theme to place the "donate" item on the nav bar on its own, off to the right (using the resolve theme). We would also like "donate" to be highlighted in a different theme color, and possibly bolded. The rationale is that eyeflow follows from header down to supporter nav, and putting the donate button in the nav bar right over the supporter nav (and having it highlighted) should get more attention.

Is this (easily) achievable?

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Hello Michael, 

There are a several ways to do this using liquid and CSS. Here is an FAQ explaining how to change a single top nav item, and another on how to edit the nav to include a button.  Also, here is a related FAQ on customizing a single button on the support nav.