Create your own custom website

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Process donations with no transaction fees

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Match your email list to social media & send unlimited emails

Track your success with goals & dashboards

Build a fully interactive website, designed to drive action

Built-in action pages — Create events, fundraising, recruitment, and signup pages. Any information entered syncs to your database, with no coding required.

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Custom — Build your website on a custom domain with modern website themes and hundreds of styles you can customize with HTML, Javascript, Liquid, CSS and Dropbox integration.

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Mobile ready — With responsive themes, you can design your website to look great on any device without the need for additional customization.

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Keep your goals on track with workflows and dashboards

Goals — Set goals and visualize your progress toward fundraising, donors, tweets, petition signatures, signups, volunteers, followers, endorsements, event RSVPs, survey responses, suggestions, and more.

Paths — Create step-by-step workflows to reach your desired results, based on actions each person takes to contribute. Each completed action from your supporters moves you one step closer to your larger goal.

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Fundraise and accept donations online with no additional transaction fees

Secure donations — Customizable secure donation pages with no merchant account required.

Full integration — Automatically track all donation activity and sync with your database.

Invoice functionality — Create customer invoices payable directly through your website. Apply discounts and assign credit to point people to generate revenue.

Packed with features that are built to grow with you

Events with ticketing

Coordinate events including all volunteering, ticketing, and fundraising activities. Empower supporters to host their own events and list them on your website.

Petition pages with goals

Easily create unlimited petition pages and set signature goals, with functionality for supporters to sign on your website or via text message.

Powerful member management

Completely integrated voter, volunteer, and donor management designed to increase engagement.

World-class customer support

All plans include:
  • Technical support 7 days/week
  • Basic onboarding
Our organization plan includes:
  • Access to the Account Management team
  • 1:1 calls for guidance in achieving your goals





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