Advocacy Data - Contact, wealth and interest data appended to your voter file

Advocacy Data takes the best trusted political data available and helps you put it to innovative and effective use. Please email us at

Add emails, phones, demographic data, donation propensity and interest data to enhance your voter file and power up your voter outreach. Do you have all the data you need to win? Advocacy Data is offering NationBuilder customers critical contact data at an exclusive discount.

Pricing: Email and social media at 7.5 cents per record. Phone numbers at 2.5 cents per record. Demographic, donor, and interests at 7.5 cents per record.
Contact: Chris Mayka (202)737-0060 ·

About the app

  • Automatically syncs with your NationBuilder voter file.
  • Seamlessly syncs data between your nation and Advocacy Data.

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