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Hey everyone! Here is a more detailed explanation about Taylor’s solution:

In order to add the filters that use one of these criteria (total amount donated, total amount pledged, total amount fundraised, largest, amount donated, average amount donated) you can follow these directions:

1) Create a filter per usual by adding whichever filter criteria you would want. Instead of adding these people directly to a list, save the filter. For example, “Avg_Donated_Filter”

2) After the filter is saved, open the filter settings by going to the Filter button then click on the edit pencil next to the filter you want to add to a list (in this case, “Avg_Donated_Filter”).

3) Under the settings that says “People in this filter should have this tag (it will be removed from people that do not meet the criteria)” type in a tag name for these people. I used the tag “Avg_Donated_List_Tag”. Then, click on the yellow “Save Filter” button.

4) Go to People > Filters > Add filter criteria for “Tags” and type in the tag “Avg_Donated_List_Tag” and click on the yellow Filter button.

5) You will now see everyone who has the tag “Avg_Donated_List_Tag”. Finally, you want to add these people to a list by going to Actions > Add all to list… and select the list you want to add them to (or you can create a new list).

6) Give yourself a high five because you did it!
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