Digital Organizer, NationBuilder

Alex Stevens manages NationBuilder's digital communications and customer engagement marketing program. Before that, he was a Senior Community Strategist, responsible for account managing customers of all sizes, with a focus on folks using NationBuilder for progressive issue advocacy.

Prior to joining NationBuilder in 2014, Alex was a co-founding organizer of 99Rise (now Democracy Spring) where he served as national Online Organizing Coordinator; co-founder and Engagement Editor at Youngist, a youth-led indy media outlet; and a Strategic Nonviolence Trainer at the Center for the Working Poor. He's also worked on several candidate campaigns — but that wasn't really his jam.

Alex is a native of Denver and a graduate of Occidental College. He’s also a lapse slam poet, house music head, and fan of civil resistance flotsam & cyber-cultural jetsam.


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DSA isn’t a political party, it’s a socialist organization.
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