Aristotle 360 - FEC and state compliance and reporting system

Seamlessly send donation data from NationBuilder to Aristotle’s PAC-management and campaign-management databases to ensure receipts are properly formatted for federal and state compliance reporting. Receipts from NationBuilder instantly trigger an update in Aristotle’s 360 and Campaign Manager software including people data tagged to the receipt for efficient, intuitive and accurate compliance reporting.

Pricing: Starting at $50/month
PACs:             Buck Stoll · · 404-875-5220
Campaigns:    Alex Gorman · · 706-889-3794

About the app

  • Produces campaign finance filings and data to comply with FEC and all 50 states.
  • Real-time updates to Aristotle’s databases from NationBuilder receipts.
  • Only integrated compliance solution offered by NationBuilder.

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