Bill Browne



tagged Alex Hamilton's Add date format option of DD/MM/YYYY with important to me
posted 2017-10-09 20:29:38 -0700

tagged Karel Boele's Setting to change date and distance format to most used worldwide appreciated with important to me
posted 2017-10-09 20:29:33 -0700

commented on Add mailing_slug to donation exports
It is important that we know what prompted people to donate. This could be a specific donation ask email, or just a general informative email that makes people decide to donate. As such, the proposed work around isn’t feasible for us.
posted 2017-10-09 19:53:37 -0700

tagged Taylor Pineiro's Ability to export most recent donation with important to me
posted 2017-10-09 19:28:49 -0700

published Employer & Occupation Fields on Petitions in Issues and suggestions
posted 2017-08-20 23:06:55 -0700

commented on Include in top nav should be unticked by default when creating new pages
This is not a helpful default to have.
posted 2017-08-06 20:52:01 -0700

commented on Link to path view of a path from single-profile view
This should be implemented to improve usability.
posted 2017-08-06 20:51:32 -0700

commented on Attendees Link on Event Dashboards Does Not Lead to the Attendees Listing
This seems like a straightforward thing to fix.
posted 2017-08-06 20:51:06 -0700

commented on Overriding the Unsubscribe
This has emerged for a problem for us as well, although only inconsistently.
posted 2017-08-06 20:50:34 -0700