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commented on Users taking action on a sub-site do not get 'sorta-logged-in'
Update – A number of customers are now experiencing that preview mode will not work for subsites because it does not recognize the control panel user as being logged in. Similarly, when clicking “Live site” from the control panel, it brings you to the live site but sees you as logged out.

I cannot reproduce this in my sandbox nation but have reproduced it in customer nations on subsites with custom domains. On subsites that do not have custom domains, preview mode shows you the login page and logging in results in the preview mode working correctly, but even that seems like unintended behavior.
posted 2017-05-23 10:57:12 -0700

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posted 2017-05-18 08:15:27 -0700

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posted 2017-05-05 11:48:29 -0700

commented on Email blast preview is blank in some browsers
Hey Sussette – I should have mentioned that a temporary work-around solution is to go to the preview tab and then change the very end of the URL in your web browser’s URL bar from “/preview” to “/html_preview”. This will show you a full-screen preview of your email. I do not have an ETA on when the overall issue is going to be resolved, but this should help in the meantime.
posted 2017-04-26 17:18:19 -0700

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posted 2017-04-19 13:27:31 -0700

commented on Custom people fields are not being recorded or updated on donation pages
Hey folks! It would be very useful to us if we can narrow down when these custom fields stopped working, as we could then check into the changes that we made at that time to narrow down the cause of the issue. I’ve heard about a week or two ago from most folks, but would anyone be able to check the signups that came through a form with custom fields to come up with a more narrow window of time? Thanks!!
posted 2017-04-14 09:03:04 -0700