Bring It Local - Grassroots crowdfunding

Can local go global? Exploring how #crowdfunding, #socent and other #neweconomy efforts can scale to create real change.

Our worker and member owned coop lives real grassroots economics by combining a non-monetary product exchange with crowdfunding of great ideas.

Pricing: Free. Our revenues come entirely from gratuities offered by donors.
Contact: Mark White ·

About the app

  • With only a few easy steps it automatically creates a full featured crowdfunding campaign page that embeds into your nation's website as well as displays on the Bring It Local site
  • Short-code text blasts around the world
  • Creates a free account on bring it local where you can fully customize and modify your campaign
  • Synchronizes all contacts and donations
  • Includes election compliance forms for state and federal election campaign fundraising
  • Uses your existing PayPal account to collect donations

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