Cancel your account

There are two methods for canceling your account from your nation's control panel. You can either pause or shutdown the nation. Either can be done from Settings > Billing > Close or pause account.

close pause

When you pause your nation:

  • All of your data will be stored 
  • Web pages, profiles, and financial transactions will be available if you choose to resume
  • You will not be billed again unless you un-pause your nation
  • Your website will not be visible

To un-pause your nation:

Go to your nation's control panel. The URL will be - replace "slug" with your nation's name. Once you login, you'll see a page like this:

resume paused nation

Click on the "Resume nation building" button to un-pause your nation.

If you do not remember your nation's slug, please email your community strategist or for assistance. Any unpaid invoices must be paid before resuming your nation. Your nation's monthly invoice is sent relative to the day you started your nation. The monthly time frame does not reset when you pause / un-pause a nation.

When you shutdown your nation:

  • All of your data will be deleted
  • Your web pages, profiles, and financial transactions will be permanently deleted from our servers
  • If you shut down your nation in error, contact us immediately and we may be able to restore it before deletion. After a nation is deleted, the content cannot be recovered.

When you click the "Shutdown my nation" button, a pop-up window will appear confirming your decision:

shutdown warning

You must select "OK" to shutdown your nation.

If you cannot see the Billing area of your control panel, your permission set does not allow you access. Please contact your nation's administrator for help completing these actions.