Change.org Relay - Recruit supporters with petitions

Change.org Relay connects your nation with the most responsive and engaged people online.

  • Grow your database of potential donors, advocates and volunteers
  • Target new supporters based on interest, location and other demographics
  • Recruit at a speed and scale not possible elsewhere
  • Pricing: A minimum investment of $5,000 USD is recommended.
  • Contact: Matt Thompson · mthompson@change.org

Your NationBuilder data is enriched automatically

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  • commented 2014-07-16 12:21:08 -0700 · Flag
    Hi there can you please describe the features of change.org integration with nationbuilder in greater detail? It’s a bit vague on the change.org website…

    If I am using both nationbuilder native petition pages and also duplicate/parallel petitions on change.org, can you confirm integration means that digital signatories are synchronized so my nationbuilder database will auto import whatever contact data signatories have left me on change.org?

    Also… “A minimum investment of $5,000 USD is recommended…” umm, why? What does ‘Relay’ refer to, and what’s the value prop here?
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