Donation receipts

When a donation is submitted on your website, two receipts are created: 

  1. An email receipt is sent immediately to the donor. 
  2. A PDF receipt is attached to the donation. You can access this receipt from Finances > Donations within a profile.

When a donation is added in the control panel, only the PDF receipt is created.

Here is an example of where to find a PDF receipt in a donor's profile:


These receipts will reflect the total amount donated on a one-time donation. 

Timing of email receipts

When a donation is made on your website, a receipt is sent via email to the donor. This email is handled like other auto-response emails created by your nation. When the donation is marked successful, the receipt is sent as a background job. First, the email is placed in a queue and then sent. Most of the time, the email is sent immediately. 

If NationBuilder is facing network issues, or if the job queue is backed up, it can take some time for the email receipt to be delivered to the donor. 

PayPal as payment processor

When using PayPal Express as your payment processor, a donor will receive two receipts via email for an initial donation: one from your nation and one from PayPal, since the payment is completed on PayPal's website. 

You can avoid having donors receipt to receipts via email by not sending an autoresponse email on donation pages attached to PayPal Express. 

Receipt for initial payment on recurring donations

If the donor chooses installment payments, the receipt will reflect the initial payment made. In the following months, your payment processor will charge the donor's credit card.  When PayPal is the payment processor, no further receipts will be automatically sent to the donor. When is the payment processor, receipts for subsequent installment payments will be sent by 

Similarly, the receipt reflects the first month's donation when a donor begins a monthly donation. In the months that follow, donations will be reflected on the donor's credit card statements. When PayPal is the payment processor, no further receipts will be automatically sent to the donor. When is the payment processor, receipts each monthly donation will be sent by

When subsequent payments occur, they will be listed in your control panel and a PDF receipt reflecting each transaction will be available.

Autoresponse email

The default wording of autoresponse emails can be changed. A donor's credit card will on the same day every month for a recurring donation. You can explicitly call the date with the liquid term 

{{ donation.succeeded_at | date_to_string }}

You can edit how the date is displayed by what changes what comes after the trunk ( | ) - a full list of date-based filters is available.

For example, on a donation page accepting one-time payments and installment payments, you could use the following if statement in the autoresponse:

{% if donation.is_recurring %}
Thanks for making a recurring donation.

Your card will be charged on the {{ donation.succeeded_at | %d }} day of every month.
{% else %}
Thanks for making a donation on {{ donation.succeeded_at | date_to_string }}.
{% endif %}

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