Updated NationBuilder logo & site


Last week we pushed out a new version of http://nationbuilder.com and, along with it, an updated logo + mark. Feel free to grab the new versions and use as needed.  

The new site design (particularly the homepage) more prominently highlights the various ways in which leaders use NationBuilder, pushing them along the appropriate path faster. We also lightened up "NationBuilder dark" to #484D4F. 

If you need other brand assets like icons or fonts, don't hesitate to send a line to btippy@nationbuilder.com

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The new ecosystem blog

It has been awesome to witness the growth of the NationBuilder ecosystem - specifically Architects, developers, and app partners - the past couple of years. This community of humans has been vital to the evolution of NationBuilder, allowing our customers to do even more with their organizations and take the platform beyond what we could ever imagine. 

As this ecosystem continues to grow, we thought it would best to give a permanent voice to those who make up the community. There is so much insight Architects, developers, and app partners have to share that providing the stage for this will only help improve the work we all do. 

So from now on, the Architects blog will belong to Architects, the developers blog will be owned by certified developers, and the app partners blog is reserved for...you guessed it...app partners. These are spaces to talk about tips & tricks, share case studies, offer insight on thought processes, and generally speak to your work on NationBuilder. 

The ecosystem blog will house all of good stuff posted by NationBuilder staff - product announcements, general updates, and anything else that is useful to know. 

If you're already conjuring up ideas for a blog post in any of these 3 areas, send me a line btippy@nationbuilder.com with the topic and some context. We're eager to see what this irreplaceable think thank can contribute! 

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