NationBuilder Experts

NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. They are not consultants (though some may be that too!) but rather familiar with NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and abide by our Community Code of Conduct. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to help you grow.

If you're also looking for a certified NationBuilder website custom theme designer, browse the NationBuilder Architects directory.

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Jack Milroy

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other Government

Experienced digital strategist. Former NationBuilder Organizer. Work with labour unions, progressive political campaigns + non-profits.

James Dusenberry

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other Business Government

Former NationBuilder Organizer with a deep understanding of the platform. Able to build out, setup, & explain all your NationBuilder needs.

Andrew Gaydos

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

Georgia-based organizer with expertise in voter outreach and volunteer management.

Campaign Central Consulting

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

We are experienced CRM and Campaign experts, politically and socially active. Our basic principle is to "Make a Change, Make a Difference."

Certified Experts at Campaign Central Consulting:

  • Joe Federer

Katrina Mendoza

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal

San Francisco based non-profit content editor with a wide range of technical skills.

Amber and Tracey

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

We create nations, optimize, design, manage emails & more. Need graphic, social media or domain help? We've got you. Speed is our trademark.

Certified Experts at Amber and Tracey:

  • Tracey Lincoln
  • Rate: Monthly Retainers are negotiable. Hourly rate starting at $30. We're budget friendly. All rates negotiable.
  • Contact: accounts@amberandtracey.com · (213) 272-1328

Aron Shelton

Nonprofit Social Good Organizations

Passionate about helping social good organizations appeal to the younger generations and empowering individuals to get civically engaged.

Kathy Jacobs

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Helping you clean your data, learn from the people in your nation, answer MS Office and NationBuilder questions, and more.

  • Rate: Hourly data clean up: $150 per hour / On call NationBuilder and Office assistance: $200 an hour / Monthly retainer: $5500 for 40 hours of availability across a calendar month
  • Contact: kathynb@vitaminch.com · (602) 770-6430 · Twitter: @CallKathy

Solutions Citoyennes

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Solutions Citoyennes est spécialisée dans la formation et le conseil des élus, des candidats, des collectivités locales et territoriales.

Certified Experts at Solutions Citoyennes:

  • Delphine Blanc

E.J. WerlyKlein

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

NationBuilder Expert based in central California. Specializing in volunteer recruitment, event management, and community outreach.

Ground Game Strategies, Inc.

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

A conservative national organizer who can help build your brand and use NationBuilder to integrate your online and offline activities.

Certified Experts at Ground Game Strategies, Inc.:

  • Dan Tripp


Nonprofit Government Business

We do fundraising, video & social marketing. Our business & social experts are advocates that offer experience, data analysis and strategy.

Certified Experts at Sparxc:

  • Mark dela Cruz


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Changing the world one pixel at a time. We are a certified NationBuilder Architect offering strategy, training, implementation, and more.

Certified Experts at Tectonica

  • Ned Howey
  • Mariana Spada
  • Alejo Abella
  • Fernando Petroli
  • Martin Collazo
  • Michael Keys

Meridian Hill Pictures

Nonprofit Government Business

Our team has unique mastery pairing people-centered documentary storytelling with integrated digital campaigns to drive strategic impact goals.

Certified Experts at Meridian Hill Pictures:

  • Lance Kramer
  • Alison Buki

Kendra Chao


San Francisco based fundraising and strategic planning professional who will help you optimize NationBuilder.

cStreet Campaigns

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

At cStreet we can help you with data migration, training, implementation, custom campaign planning - and more! Progressives only.

Certified Experts at cStreet Campaigns:

  • Christopher Hubbarde
  • Kristen Lim Tung
  • Stefan Avlijas
  • Amy Leaman

Sean Antrim

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Experienced organizer specializing in fast and effective campaigns, including strategies for ground-game, communications, and data.

Griselda Vargas


Expertise in non-profit in educational, health, and technology sectors. Basic design setup & data filters expert. Can help train & educate.

Dan Johnson

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Former IT Tech. Founded two national organizations. My focus is on tailoring NationBuilder for your organization from experience.

Mark Seme

Business Politic: Conservative

I am an experienced webmaster and politically active conservative based in Northeast Ohio. I am familiar many web applications including WP.

  • Rate: Upon request.
  • Contact: LinkedIn: /markseme

Dillon Waldron

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

American-Canadian digital strategist and political activist experienced with data analysis and grassroots mobilization.

Stephanie Ott

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

NationBuilder expert experienced in strategic marketing, graphic design, and social media.

Luke Webster

Legal Government Politic: Other

Attorney, community engagement specialist & outreach expert. Focus on gathering & analyzing public sentiment & building strategic initiatives.

Team Red Campaigns

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Certified Experts at Team Red Campaigns:

  • Brandon Gaston

Specializing in NationBuilder sites for Conservative GOP campaigns, candidates, causes, and committees. Based out of Indianapolis, IN.

Becky Lee

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

LA Native | Nonprofit Advocate | Political Activist | Brand Strategist | Communications Guru | Social Media Nerd | Hashtag Geek


Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

BuzzMaker is an award winning political consulting firm specializing in eCampaign management, online advertising, & international campaigns.

Certified Experts at BuzzMaker:

  • Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Teddy Weinstein

Nonprofit Government Politic: Other

I provide Nation Builder set-up and maintenance as well as theme development. Toronto based. Non-partisan.

RiseUp Group

Nonprofit Business

Enabling the mission of the Church by removing technology and data barriers, and providing strategic and tactical consulting.

Certified Experts at RiseUp Group

  • Jeff Schuler

Off World Entertainment

Nonprofit Business Politic-Other

Turning vision to reality with marketing strategy for small business, non-profit and political ventures, through your NationBuilder system.

Certified Experts at Off World Entertainment:

  • Owen Ward

Sandy Biar

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Full-service support for Australian political & corporate campaigns including digital marketing, advertising, fundraising & data analysis.

Lionel Bernard

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

DC based cloud services professional. NB full service including implementation, social media, data, outreach, and fundraising.

Fred Stark

Nonprofit Business Politic: Liberal Community Organizing Environment

Working at the intersection of campaigns, interaction design and data driven organising. Front and back end development and data strategy.

Maya Bhullar

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Combining online with grassroots strategies to create long term engagement. Data specialist and experienced community and labour organizer.

Larissa Selhorst

Nonprofit Government Business

NationBuilder expert based on Buenos Aires; master in History; experience on education; trilingual (English, Spanish and Portuguese).

Donalda Greenwell-Baker

Community Organizing Government Politic: Other

Campaign organizing, community development, event planning and programming.

  • Rate: On request.
  • Contact: donaldagb@shaw.ca · (604) 215-8624 · (604) 657-3073


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Entertainment/Arts

Full-service communications firm specializing in building bilingual NationBuilder campaigns. Impactful storytelling meets savvy organizing.

Certified Experts at CauseComms:

  • Lisa Brody Hoffman
  • Nadine Tkatchevskaia
  • Nicolas Romer
  • Emory Shaw

Fission Strategy

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Fission creates digital movements with Nations that mobilize large-scale social action and win on today’s most important issues.

Certified Experts at Fission Strategy:

  • George Holmes

Malcolm Lewis-Richmond

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bilingual political, community and campaign organizer / activist ready to help grow your contact network and optimize online presence.

Chris Golden

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Digital strategist working for DC and SF based clients in civic, tech & politics. Prior campaign experience for non-profit, advocacy.

Small Hinges

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Entertainment/Arts

Small Hinges SCE is a public relations consultancy that leverages more than 20 years experience to support tangible wins for its client base.

Certified Experts at Small Hinges:

  • Rachel Graham

Daniel Johnson

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Civic Engagement/Communications/Outreach Coordinator with EXP in managing websites & social media for schools, nonprofits & public figures.

Campaign In A Box

Politic: Conservative

We help first-time candidates run first-rate campaigns.

Certified Experts at Campaign In A Box:

  • Jason Chambers

Jeff Davis

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

A real data expert who is proudly NDP. Strategy, training, setup, data migration/merging, website, development and custom integration.


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bay Area firm specializing in field, strategy, communications and campaigns. Queer and POC.

Certified Experts at Artos:

  • Carlos Uribe
  • Rate: $40 per hour, monthly retainer, flat rates, and hourly negotiable.
  • Contact: info@artosconsulting.com · (510) 545-3504

Loïc Péron

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other

French digital strategist. Experienced marketer into politics and BtoC consulting / Expert français en stratégie digitale. Marketeur, consultant dans le BtoC, impliqué en politique.

Joshua dos Santos

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

LA Based expert who is ready to provide NationBuilder set-up and support.

Connie Hannigan-Franck

Nonprofit Government Politic: Other

Certified Expert with experience working in 3rd party politics and grassroots advocacy. I’m here to help start your Nation!

Michael Lucas

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Digital strategy, including: email, social outreach, advertising, and design. Experienced with a variety of CRM/CMS including NationBuilder.

Ari Gardner

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Strategic Consulting Politic: Other

Experienced and savvy Alaska-based campaign professional offering range of services (setup, data/voter file imports, training & support).

Olivier Drouin

Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bilingual digital strategist for your political campaigns experience with municipal and federal campaigns in Canada Montreal based.

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