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NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and abide by our Community Code of Conduct. They are familiar with NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to build.

If you're also looking for a certified NationBuilder website custom theme designer, browse the NationBuilder Architects directory.

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Donalda Greenwell-Baker

Community Organizing Government Politic: Other

Campaign organizing, community development, event planning and programming.

  • Rate: On request.
  • Contact: donaldagb@shaw.ca · (604) 215-8624 · (604) 657-3073


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Entertainment/Arts

Full-service communications firm specializing in building bilingual NationBuilder campaigns. Impactful storytelling meets savvy organizing.

Certified Experts at CauseComms:

  • Lisa Brody Hoffman
  • Nadine Tkatchevskaia
  • Nicolas Romer
  • Emory Shaw

Fission Strategy

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Fission creates digital movements with Nations that mobilize large-scale social action and win on today’s most important issues.

Certified Experts at Fission Strategy:

  • George Holmes

Malcolm Lewis-Richmond

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bilingual political, community and campaign organizer / activist ready to help grow your contact network and optimize online presence.

Chris Golden

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Digital strategist working for DC and SF based clients in civic, tech & politics. Prior campaign experience for non-profit, advocacy.

Small Hinges

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Entertainment/Arts

Small Hinges SCE is a public relations consultancy that leverages more than 20 years experience to support tangible wins for its client base.

Certified Experts at Small Hinges:

  • Rachel Graham

Daniel Johnson

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Civic Engagement/Communications/Outreach Coordinator with EXP in managing websites & social media for schools, nonprofits & public figures.

Campaign In A Box

Politic: Conservative

We help first-time candidates run first-rate campaigns.

Certified Experts at Campaign In A Box:

  • Jason Chambers

Jeff Davis

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

A real data expert who is proudly NDP. Strategy, training, setup, data migration/merging, website, development and custom integration.


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bay Area firm specializing in field, strategy, communications and campaigns. Queer and POC.

Certified Experts at Artos:

  • Carlos Uribe
  • Rate: $40 per hour, monthly retainer, flat rates, and hourly negotiable.
  • Contact: info@artosconsulting.com · (510) 545-3504

Loïc Péron

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other

French digital strategist. Experienced marketer into politics and BtoC consulting / Expert français en stratégie digitale. Marketeur, consultant dans le BtoC, impliqué en politique.

Joshua dos Santos

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

LA Based expert who is ready to provide NationBuilder set-up and support.

Connie Hannigan-Franck

Nonprofit Government Politic: Other

Certified Expert with experience working in 3rd party politics and grassroots advocacy. I’m here to help start your Nation!

Michael Lucas

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Digital strategy, including: email, social outreach, advertising, and design. Experienced with a variety of CRM/CMS including NationBuilder.

Ari Gardner

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Strategic Consulting Politic: Other

Experienced and savvy Alaska-based campaign professional offering range of services (setup, data/voter file imports, training & support).

Olivier Drouin

Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Bilingual digital strategist for your political campaigns experience with municipal and federal campaigns in Canada Montreal based.

DRuMkit Communications Inc.

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Certified Experts at DRuMkit Communications Inc.:

  • Patrick Smith

Digital and communications strategy for business, NFPs and political campaigns. NationBuilder community setup and management services.

Clifford Gagliardo

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

Connecting your cause to new communities.

KB Campaigns

Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

A full service political consultancy offering NationBuilder implementation designed to do just one thing: win your race. Proudly partisan.

Certified Experts at KB Campaigns:

  • Kevin Berry

Austin Akalanze

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Garland Texas- Expert NationBuilder set-up/support, Web design & SEO, YouTube Video, keyword research, Social Media, and content syndication

  • Rate: Starting at $35/Hr. and Monthly retainer starting at $500/month. All rates are negotiable.
  • Contact: akagroup@gmail.com · (469) 407-4722 · Twitter: @LanzeAustin

Bo Shuff

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Campaign Director - Five Corner Strategies - grassroots public affairs firm that identifies & mobilizes supporters to influence decisions.

Evan Leeson

Nonprofit Education Business Politic: Liberal

Whether you are just beginning or have an established Nation, we know the platform inside out and will help you win.

4 Crows Consulting Ltd.

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

4 Crows Consulting Ltd. offers political and public advocacy campaign training, consulting and coaching services.

Certified Experts at 4 Crows Consulting Ltd.:

  • Brian G. Rice

Keating Development

Politic: Liberal

Database management, fundraising and compliance support services for campaigns and fundraising firms.

Certified Experts at Keating Development:

  • Tom Keating

Innovación Tecnólogica

Government Business Politic: Other

Consultant, latin political dynamics. What matters today is to create a relationship based on sentimental experiences with your people.

Certified Experts at Innovación Tecnólogica:

  • Erick Cadena
  • Juan Manuel Pedrozo
  • Rate: MXN $250-$500 initial consultation, and then depending on services required. In the first interview you will have the first steps to set up.
  • Contact: manjigm@gmail.com · j4848pd@gmail.com · (722) 549-9642 · Twitter: @CR_Tecnologica

Sophia Hawes-Tingey

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

A political activist with over 20 years of experience in business software at your fingertips. Let's build a website that works for you!

Alex Blumenstein

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Digital strategist working in politics and public affairs. "There's no substitute for victory." - General Douglas MacArthur

Edward Marshall

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Services include initial set up, data import, social media marking and training of your staff.

Claudine Chionh

Nonprofit Enviornment Politic: Liberal Sustainability

Digital strategy, NationBuilder setup and data migration for campaigners working for an environmentally sustainable and equitable Australia.

Paul Fairburn

Nonprofit Government Business

Solihull (UK) based, I help organisations communicate both online (SEO, social media and website content), and in business presentations.

Heartland Creative

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Politic: Conservative

We tailor smart and stylish strategies to identify your next supporters and bring them onboard with your product, service or cause.

Certified Experts at Heartland Creative:

  • Patrick McIvor

Benedict Nguyen

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Academic

Hi! I want to help organize nations and campaigns for communities, especially queer people of color, working towards social justice.

  • Rate: Negotiable--Lets talk about your needs and resources.
  • Contact: benguyen19@gmail.com · (703) 786-4884

Lois Chan-Pedley

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Expert platform-independent problem-solver for all the technology you need, so you can focus on work that matters to you.

Frank Cetera

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Set-up and support specializing in left-political movements, social justice organizations, and grassroots community development engagement.

Asymmetrical Political Solutions

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

We are the "go-to" destination for expert Nationbuilder websites, digital strategy, consultation, and metric services at a reasonable price.

Certified Experts at Asymmetrical Political Solutions:

  • Jason Edson

Marshall Bowen

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Full-service NationBuilder consulting for Republican political candidates, grassroots organizations, businesses, and non-profits.

  • Rate: Vary with project scope. Please contact for more information.
  • Contact: mbowen08@gmail.com · (512) 417-9721 · Twitter: @mbowen12

Ary Smith


Communication & Program Coordinator specializing in supporting arts, media, and social justice organizations in engaging their communities.

Trippi and Associates

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Digital campaign agency specializing in advocacy and political campaigns with offices in DC, San Francisco, and London.

Certified Experts at Trippi and Associates:

  • Shelby Wagenseller

Eveleth Group

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Eveleth Group provides campaign consulting services including NationBuilder setup and maintenance, image design, & social media management.

Certified Experts at Eveleth Group

  • Mitchell Oster

Reagan Gillespie

Nonprofit Business Politic: Conservative

Wisconsin Based and specialize in nation setup, data management, Web design, and communication. skills include Graphic/ Audio/Video design.


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

UK based strategy, design & development team - grassroots, corporate & consumer campaign experience. Planning & inspiration for your nation.

Certified Experts at UbaGLU:

  • Frances Dovey
  • Jos Smith

Nisha Randhava

Nonprofit Government Business

LA-Based expert who is ready to provide NationBuilder set-up and support, specifically in non-profit and government.

Novelucent Technologies

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Experts in:

  • Web design & development
  • Mobile application design & development
  • Database design, development, tuning and administration

Certified Experts at Novelucent:

  • Navdeep Singh


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Polydea is a european marketing and advertizing company, specialised in digital communication. International, young and dynamic 360° agency.

Certified Experts at Polydea:

  • Cyril Chadé

Max Karren

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Salt Lake City, UT based consultant/advisor. I build communities that thrive through meaningful online interactions.

Emily Suttmeier

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Communication/Outreach Coordinator with experience grant writing and managing websites & social media for schools, nonprofits and film fests.


Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business

Demotrac helps non-profits and craft brewers find their glue, refine its quality and bind more fans to their mission.

Certified Experts at Demotrac:

  • Robert Blackmon
  • Rate: NationBuilder consulting $50-$90/hour based on work type - Monthly retainer from $900 - SocialBrew projects from $3,000
  • Contact: demotrac@gmail.com · demotrac.com · 213.422.0537 · @demotrac

Navigator Ltd.

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Jeff Ballingall is a public affairs consultant and digital lead with Navigator Ltd.

Certified Experts at Navigator Ltd.:

  • Jeff Ballingall

Mercury Press

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Community Organizer Sustainability Public Relations Media Relations

Mercury Press provides inspiring communications, strategy and design since 1991. We get the word out about projects that make a difference.

Certified Experts at Mercury Press:

  • Nancy Black


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Educational Community Organisations

Digital Marketing Agency specialising in Strategy, Web Design, Development, Social Media, Email Marketing & ongoing maintenance & reporting.

Certified Experts at OMNI ONLINE:

  • Ian Basckin
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