NationBuilder Experts

NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. They are not consultants (though some may be that too!) but rather familiar with NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and abide by our Community Code of Conduct. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to help you grow.

If you're also looking for a certified NationBuilder website custom theme designer, browse the NationBuilder Architects directory.

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Tyler Kissinger

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Whether it's setup and development or strategy and communications, I'm here to give you the tools you need to win. Experienced organizer.

James Entwistle

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

UK digital strategist and political activist experienced with NationBuilder management, data analysis and grassroots mobilization.

Jason Girard

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other Politic: Conservative

Libertarian web developer here to help you setup and organize your Nation, develop systems and training so you can focus on your cause.

Alison Shuman

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Expert assistance in NationBuilder setup, data import, and full platform training. Grant writing and video editing services also available.

Republic of Everyone

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Unions Sustainability

Australian multi-award winning do-good digital, campaigning and advertising agency dedicated to creating positive change in the world.

Certified Experts at Republic of Everyone

  • Chris Houghton
  • Sharna Bregman

Greg Fuentes

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other Politic: Conservative

Certified Novell Engineer, IT Certifications, MCSA, AutoCAD Expert, Web Page Design and Video Editing & Production

  • Rate: In House, Remote Services at $20.00 /Hr Field Service / Consultation at $ 45.00 /Hr
  • Contact: · (909) 782-7878

Anastasia Golovashkina

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Experienced digital strategist specializing in online messaging, data analytics, and site management. Proven record of impact and success.

Keegan Singh

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Springfield, IL-based community organizer and NationBuilder Expert. Results oriented approach at increasing your community engagement.

Mosaic Strategies

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

We're skilled grassroots organizers specializing in digital field. Maximize your Nation with: Website Development · Data Management · Imports · E-Marketing · Training.

Certified Experts at Mosaic Strategies:

  • Francesca Larson
  • Vanessa Byrem-Tangy

Barry Durmaz

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

26 years as a Private Contractor acquiring tremendous experience in administration, automation, project management, marketing, and customer service.


Nonprofit Business

We provide Web Design, IT Audit, Business Process Review, Mobile & Web development, Systems Integration and Data Migration.

Certified Experts at SEEDCYBER Solutions:

  • Jennylyn dela Cruz

R-T Design

Nonprofit Business Politic-Other Politic: Liberal

Helping small business & non-profit organizations grow engagement & brand recognition. Social media, email, web/graphic design experience.

Certified Experts at R-T Design:

  • Cynthia Rand-Thompson
  • Rate: $40/hour for Expert Services, $320 monthly retainers, Full website: $1200. Discounted rates for non-profit or grassroots organizations possible.
  • Contact: · · (831) 272-4278 · Twitter: @r_tdesign

Campaign Gears

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Unions Government

Campaign Gears helps you win. Full service campaigners that can help you with strategy, websites, video, design, messaging, and training.

Certified Experts at Campaign Gears:

  • Anna Roginska

Timothy Walker

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Experienced political, business strategist & non-profit consultant. Effective and creative user of technology to achieve goals & missions.

  • Rate: Starting at $50/hr.; Monthly/Project Retainers starting at $250/mo. (All rates are negotiable.)
  • Contact:· (757) 652-6304


Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

From design to data management and campaign strategy, IVC Media builds custom solutions that can integrate all of your NationBuilder needs.

Certified Experts at IVC Media:

  • Alex Gauthier
  • Jane Susskind
  • Bree Burris

Strategic Media 21

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

We are a certified NationBuilder Architect and Developer with a team passionate about managing your nation.

Certified Experts at Strategic Media 21:

  • Mike Weimer
  • John Murphy
  • Charlotte Sanchez
  • Emilie Schneider
  • Irene Tena
  • Dano Sanchez
  • Jason Lavorante

Jeff Swift

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other 

PhD in Digital Activism. Former NationBuilder strategist and organizer. Dedicated to helping leaders distribute power.

  • Rate: Starting at $55 USD per hour, Retainers starting at $150 per month.
  • Contact: · Twitter: @swiftj

Juan Vasquez

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Expert focus on social media & digital organizing with NationBuilder, team trainings, Twitter Chats & live sharing, content generation.

cStreet Campaigns

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

At cStreet we can help you with data migration, training, implementation, custom campaign planning - and more! Progressives only.

Certified Experts at cStreet Campaigns:

  • Aliya Bhatia
  • Christopher Hubbarde
  • Kristen Lim Tung
  • Stefan Avlijas
  • Amy Leaman
  • Arya Iranpour


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

NewMode represents a new way of using digital expertise to build a community of action for your project or cause.

Certified Experts at NewMode:

  • Shamus Reid

Isabelle Frichot

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Campaign Strategist. Specialty: Data Management, Community Organizing, Volunteer Recruitment, Campaign Plan and Get-Out-The-Vote Structure.

Nicolas Frichot

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

International Political Consultant. Specialty: General Campaigning, GOTV, Data Management, Direct Mailing and Strategy/Message.


Nonprofit Business Politic: Conservative

Spire is a full-service digital agency for churches & nonprofits. We provide services in strategy, data migration, training, & implementation.

Certified Experts at Spire:

  • Seth Douwsma

Michael Lommel

 Business Nonprofit

Transforming the complexity of the internet into outreach that measurably works.

Brian Petermann

 Politic: Conservative Politic: Other

Dedicated to helping you take your campaign or political organization to the next level. Grassroots, political party, & campaign experience.

Catch Digital Strategy

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Full-service digital firm offering website design, branding, social media, online advertising, and email marketing for conservative causes.

Certified Experts at Catch Digital Strategy:

  • Benjamin Pollock

Brian Cady

Politic: Other

To help select businesses, government bodies, non-profits and political parties, especially with volunteer recruitment and email outreach.

Madison Campaign Solutions, LLC.

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Full-service digital firm offering website design, branding, social media, online advertising, and email marketing for conservative causes.

Certified Experts at Madison Campaign Solutions, LLC.:

  • Matthew Banta

Jennifer Carcamo

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other

Digital Organizer for non-profits & social movements with experience in web design, data management, graphic design, video, & social media.

El Equipo de Campaña

Nonprofit Politic: Other Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal

Europe and Latin America leaders in strategy, consulting, creativity and organizing for political campaigns.

Certified Experts at El Equipo de Campaña:

  • Xavi Pons
  • Stephanie Bojalil
  • Crystopher Vega


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Changing the world one pixel at a time. We are a certified NationBuilder Architect offering strategy, training, implementation, and more.

Certified Experts at Tectonica:

  • Ned Howey
  • Mariana Spada
  • Alejo Abella
  • Fernando Petroli
  • Martin Collazo
  • Michael Keys
  • Khadija Hassanali

Blake Wright

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Expert with extensive experience in web design, data management, graphic design, social media and on the ground campaign support.

Chelsie Campbell

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal

Providing you with the training and tools needed to navigate and build your nation.

Ishraq Ali

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Former NationBuilder organizer and grassroots organizer. Specializing in growth of progressive grassroots and faith based organizations!

Beekeeper Group

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other

Public affairs and interactive services firm that embraces a fresh approach to cultivate & grow a hive of supporters, buzzing with activity.

Certified Experts at Beekeeper Group:

  • Rebecca Moore
  • Katie Loperfido

Dale Hendon

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Government Affairs, Campaign, Business, and Advocacy expert dedicated to producing efficient and first-class results.

Matthew Bzura

Politic: Conservative

To utilize Nation Builder in order to manage, plan, and properly organize political campaigns.

Nathan West

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

North Carolina-based political/business consultant and NB Expert. Our goal is to provide you and your team with the resources to WIN.

  • Rate: Full website projects starting at $2,800, $90 per hour for Developer services, $70 per hour for Expert services, monthly retainers arranged upon request.
  • Contact: · Twitter: @nwestavl

The BOA Life

Nonprofit Government Business Arts Politic: Liberal LGBT

Certified Experts at The BOA Life:

  • Katie Poltz

A small, creative team with over 10 yrs of drawing up great marketing for GOOD. We’ll help you leverage NationBuilder to further your goals.

Jackie DaSilva

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Politic: Liberal

Toronto-based campaign strategist, & former NB Organizer. Specialize in empowering teams to be powerful with tech.

  • Rate: Monthly retainer upon request. Hourly rate starting at $50 (CDN $) - negotiable.
  • Contact: · (647) 300-0552 · Twitter: @JackieTdot

Adam Pawlak

Nonprofit Politic: Conservative

To utilize NationBuilder in order to manage, plan, and properly organize political campaigns and strategies.

Tim Smith

Nonprofit Politic: Other Politic: Liberal

Certified NB Expert offering experienced support in website development, email & social media strategy, database management, & training.

Kathy Sipple

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Other Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Experienced digital strategist, trainer and story teller. Connect and empower innovators, environmentalists and cultural creatives.

Richir Outreach

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

Media consulting firm, specializing in online campaigning, fundraising and communications, grassroots activism and people powered advocacy.

Certified Experts at Richir Outreach:

  • Muriel Urquidi
  • Blake Mizelle

Christopher Ahearn

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Politic: Other

Nonprofit foundation SocEnt ops expert with experience in supporting orgs/initiatives from BOS to LA. I want to drag NPs into 21st century.

  • Rate: Rates start at $30/hour and vary depending on scope. Please contact for more info. 
  • Contact: · (978) 257-3772 · Twitter: @cmahearn · LinkedIn: /cmahearn

The NOW Group

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Unions Healthcare

Progressive marketing isn't an oxymoron. It's what we do every day for unions, government and good causes to make a positive difference.

Certified Experts at The NOW Group:

  • Niki King
  • Nate King
  • Nicolas Gomez
  • Travis Bolander

Heather Akers-Healy

Nonprofit Politic: Other Politic: Liberal

Certified NationBuilder Expert providing services in web development, campaign support, and online organizing.

Jason Holland

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Offering setup, communications, fundraising, social media, database management, website design, support, and training. San Diego, California

Gabe Smalley

Nonprofit Issue Advocacy

Digital strategy, social media management, content creation, fundraising, and strong writing skills are the core of my work.

Clifton Muhammad

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Chicago-based with a mission to apply data analytic principles to political campaigns and empower their supporters for smarter decisions.