NationBuilder Experts

Certified NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. They are experts with the NationBuilder control panel, including NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. 

Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and abide by our Community Code of Conduct. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to help grow.

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Nonprofit Liberal Business
The greatest mistake we can make is living in constant fear that we will make one...

Jen Maiser

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative Business
Database professional, technology fiend, political technology expert. Creating ground-up database solutions for campaigns, advocacy groups, corporations, political consultancies...

James Dusenberry

Nonprofit Liberal Business
@NationBuilder Organizer -- Environmentally minded political nerd with a strong Disney obsession and a penchant for community organizing. Tweets are mine alone.

Nicole Gale

Ian Gray

Nonprofit Conservative Business
Sewanee grad. @NRSC alum. Republican campaign operative & technophile. Hopeful for modern American statesmanship.

Fermin Vasquez

Communications Specialist @seiu2015. Formerly @cocosouthla. Certified Expert @Nationbuilder and digital consultant. #Tech #Data #StoryTelling #Soccer

Dean Tester

Nonprofit Conservative Business
Politics / Fitness / Soccer / Raptors / Leafs / Chelsea FC

Chris Houghton

Olivier Drouin

Papa de 4 qui change sa ville un jour à la fois par l'implication communautaire et politique

Malcolm Haar

Mike Bloom

Nonprofit Business
Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations at Columbia University; Freelance Copy Writer at Music Theatre International

Chad Thompson

Principal at Thompson Public Strategies--Grassroots Political Consultant and Expert in Land Use Politics

Derek Holodak

Nonprofit Liberal Business

Blake Mizelle

Nonprofit Liberal Business

Sandy Biar

Campaign Director at the Australian Republican Movement.

Lindsey Spillman

Nonprofit Conservative Business
TEXAS KAPPA. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. - Romans 12:12

Taylor Valley

Organizing the organizers - Community Strategist @NationBuilder - Went to @UAkron - I live politics #digital #field #finance

Aaron Manes`

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative Business
I want to be incendiary too, man

Hector Rivas

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative

Greg Hoffman

Nonprofit Liberal Business
Story of a #defective 2010 #Mazda3 that is melting!

Chris Duhaime

Nonprofit Liberal Business
Welcome to @DuhaimeC's Post-Grad Guide! I'm just a post-grad adult trying to survive the “real world.”

Kathryn Cramer

Nonprofit Liberal Business
I am a science fiction editor and writer. My book HIEROGLYPH: Stories & Visions for a Better Future comes out in paperback May 26, 2015.

Niki King

Nonprofit Liberal Business

Zac Maybury

Karen Tapahe

Owner of Native & Pilgrim Etsy shop, adding a new twist to traditional arts. Blogs: Surviving the Etsy Madness, Spirit Bead Journals (

Jeremy Pillon

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative Business

Ashleigh Zimmerman

Tweets about social justice, race, religion and sociology.

Lex Bearden

Building Movements. Eating Junk Food.

Jason Girard

Nonprofit Liberal Conservative Business
Web Developer at

Nancy Cooke

Nonprofit Conservative Business
Proud parent, wife, business owner, community activist & volunteer in South Winnipeg. Seeking nomination for PC Party of Manitoba in Riel.