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NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and abide by our Community Code of Conduct. They are familiar with NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to build.

If you're also looking for a certified NationBuilder website custom theme designer, browse the NationBuilder Architects directory.

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NOW Communications

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Unions Healthcare

Progressive marketing isn't an oxymoron. It's what we do every day for unions, government and good causes to make a positive difference.

Certified Experts at NOW Communications

  • Niki King
  • Nate King
  • Nicolas Gomez

Megaphone Communications

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Data Community Associations Schools

We are convinced of the power and potential of community to create positive change for all. Using NationBuilder, we make it happen.

Certified Experts at Megaphone Communcations

  • Deb Hamilton


Nonprofit Business Government Alumni Associations Healthcare

NATIONAL works across multiple sectors offering integrated marketing, advocacy, and issues campaigns. We tell stories that create movements.

Certified Experts at NATIONAL

  • Kevin McCann

Van City Studios

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Van City Studios is a truly awesome, socially responsible, digital creative agency based in Vancouver, BC.

Certified Experts at Van City Studios

  • Ryan Vandecasteyen

Lisa Madison

Nonprofit Business Film

Film-focused community organizer specializing in building meaningful and powerful communities around documentary films and non-profits.

Lucas Mancini

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

We're Argentina-based expert here to help you maximize your potential and exceed your goals using NationBuilder's powerful platform.

Fabricio Vagliente

Nonprofit Government

Political Scientist, worked in government and non-profit for the last 7 years.

Shaquana Chaneyfield

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Everyone should be able to succeed. Providing full service media relations, communications, web, and development strategies for clients.

Ruby White

Nonprofit Business Politic: Liberal

Ruby White provides technology prognostication services to makers, non-profits, and political groups.

Certified Experts at Ruby White:

  • John Loughlin


Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Academic

Los Angeles based technology expert here to help you setup and run your Nation.

Certified Experts at Dirango:

  • Diran Yanikian

Kyle Wilson Tharp

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Community organizer who thinks all non-profits & political groups should embrace tech innovation! Can help setup & manage your nation.


Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Academic

I am an expert at setting up your nation, training you on how-to's and much more. Reach out today to discuss your requirements and pricing.

Certified Experts at Handsome:

  • Christian Majewski

Joel Dignam

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal

I'm a community organiser who sees NationBuilder's potential to improve Australia. Let's make sure you get the most from NationBuilder.

Nicole Bienfang

Nonprofit Business Online Organizing Charity Unions Education Environmental Clubs

Here to assist in set-up & operation of your site. Providing you the insight and expertise you need to broaden your audiences engagement.

EDA Help

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Conservative

Based in Canada’s Capital, we help Conservatives look their best online. 

Certified Experts at EDA Help:

  • Brendan Mulvihill

New Compass Nation

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Conservative

Email blasts, database management, website design & many more features are at your fingertips. Contact us and we can get started right away.

Certified Experts at New Compass Nation:

  • Addison Riddleberger

George Hammonds

Nonprofit Business Politic: Democrat Politic: Nonpartisan

11 years of management experience, as well as Campaign manager for a local election, I can assist in the setup and operation of your nation.

  • Rate: $30-$100 per hour/ retainer of $350 a month (negotiable)
  • Contact: mitegeorge@gmail.com · (951) 385-5940

Christopher Leone

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Conservative

Strategic & tactical communications, media & constituent relations, speech writing, media monitoring, government relations, event production

Helping Heroes

Prosocial consulting and strategy

Full-service prosocial advisory for philanthropists, charities, and 3BL businesses who want to improve their communities and the world.

Certified Experts at Helping Heroes:

  • Karlo Marcelo

Bart Abicht

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Info architect helping organizations expand communities, deepen engagement, and boost initiatives for change. Social web for social good!

  • Rate: $85/hr, $1,500 monthly retainer (up to 30hrs/mo)
  • Contact: abicht@gmail.com · (831) 251-2600 · Twiter: @abicht

John Murphy

Nonprofit Government Online Organizing Politic: Conservative

Agitating grassroots activists for over a decade.

Tiffany Au

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

CRM-CMS Expert, PR + Marketing, communications, strategy, database and training. More about me.

360 Communications

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Building and managing websites, visual design, social media, text strategy, email marketing, & strategic messaging. Hablamos español.

Certified Experts at 360 Communications:

  • Fermin Vasquez

Fanny Conesa

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

I am a French consultant specialized in mobilization strategy, online and offline. Let's reach your goals together!

Stephens Consulting Group

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

We provide full website development and management, database management, and communications. For other related services view our website.

Certified Experts at SCG:

  • Mitchell Rosewitz

Outreach Nation

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Experienced Digital Strategists - Top Guns for Hire. Strategy, Database, Communications and training to help you grow and win.

Certified Experts at Outreach Nation:

  • Albert Gersh
  • Alec Nakashima
  • Pearl Wilson
  • Nick Hankoff

Geoff Marshall


I want to help you transition into NationBuilder. I'll help you get set-up and using your new CRM.

Andres Acero

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Politics student, coming up with innovative and easy to use solutions to maximize your project’s success. From Canada!

  • Rate: Starting at $25 CAD/hour, retainers starting at $300, negotiable depending on your needs and budget. Non-profit discount available.
  • Contact: andres@acero.ca · (613) 620-7125 · Twitter: @afacerov · LinkedIn: /andresacero

Greg Hoffman

Nonprofit Business

Social entrepreneur & non-profit expert with proven experience leading innovation and growth.

Daniel Loaiza

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative Academic

Based in Bogotá, Colombia // Strategic Thinker, Business Developer, Marketing & Creativity.

Turner Bitton

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Let me help you build your non-profit, political, for-profit, government, or community-based online profile. Experience in all of the above.

Marek Zaremba-Pike

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

An EU public affairs consultant, I help clients share their stories online and offline by using tools like NationBuilder.

Made By Pumpkin

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Affordable assistance in setting up your nation, navigating, importing data & video training sessions. I'll help you from start to finish!

Michael Schirtzer

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

With experience in law, media, politics, non-profit, and the private sector I am uniquely positioned to facilitate business and politics.

Billy Colless

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Unions

I work as an Organiser, I know that digital needs to support on the ground organising. If your campaign needs a digital boost, contact me.

Adam Compton

Nonprofit Business Government Education Higher Education

A nonprofit and higher education professional helping to grow your online presence, fundraising, and maximize use of NationBuilder features.

  • Rate: Negotiable - Retainers $300+/Month, Hourly fee $100 Let's talk your budget!
  • Contact: agcompto@gmail.com · (919) 883-7661 · Twitter: @Agcompto

John Leekley

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

A former Capitol Hill staffer, small business owner and currently working in higher education ready to help with your NationBuilder needs.


Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

We are a PR/public affairs shop built for the digital age. We tell stories about big ideas by leveraging tools like NationBuilder.

Certified Experts at: PubliticsPR+Digital

  • Matthew Krayton

Fionan Lynch

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Modernize your campaigns and bring them into the digital age. Once a luxury, this is now a necessity for every organization. Ireland based.

The Groundswell

Nonprofit Business Music

Connecting b(r)ands with fans is what we do -- artist development, street team deployment, indie label services and content monetization.

Laurent Nicolas

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

First European certified Expert. Freelance digital strategist : campaigning, PR, content and community organizing.

Elliot Rysenbry

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

Online organizing, list growth, web optimization and fundraising. Build your relationships and create value.

Sean Kuzniak

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal Healthcare Research

Initial setup, backend design, data management, training & support. Specialist applying NationBuilder to nonprofits & campaigns of all sizes.

  • Rate: Negotiable depending on scope of project, but generally starting at $35 hourly. Monthly retainers available starting at $250.
  • Contact: sean@kuzniak.org · (416) 239-0581

Columbia Alumni Association


An institution based within Columbia University that seeks to connect alumni of all schools and countries to each other and the University.

Certified Experts at CAA:

  • Mike Bloom

Zac Maybury

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Restaurants

Specializing in modern responsive website design and initial database setup. Available for ongoing strategy, training and maintenance.

Ryan Mearns

Business Government Politic: Liberal

NZ based digital strategist with experience using NationBuilder for everything from issues campaigns to nationwide political campaigns.

Halcyon Strategy Group

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal

Halcyon Strategy Group helps campaigns and organizations innovate to win – we know strategy, we specialize in solutions, and we get results.

Certified Experts at HSG:

  • Matt Gravatt

Carolyn Wysinger

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal Educational Institution Community Organization Public Personalities

Build your movement, organization or brand by setting up a highly engaged nation. Community organizing, political campaigning & social media


Nonprofit Politic: Liberal

We provide NationBuilder support for progressives. Hire us for anything from custom themes to to smaller website customizations!

Certified Experts at LiberalLab:

  • Tara Mahoney

Bryghtpath, LLC

Nonprofit Business Government Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Full service consultancy with expertise in political & non-profit campaigns, grassroots organizing, community building, & online fundraising.

Certified Experts at Bryghtpath, LLC:

  • Bryan Strawser
  • Rate: $100 - $150/hr - monthly retainers available from $500 to $10,000
  • Contact: bryan@bryghtpath.com · 612-235-6435
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