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NationBuilder Experts are strategic thinkers and facilitators with unique skill sets to help communities organize online. Each of the Experts in our directory have proven their knowledge and understanding of NationBuilder through the certification process and one-on-one assessment from a NationBuilder staff member and abide by our Code of Conduct. They are familiar with NationBuilder page types, website setup, and the data management and workflow features of our platform. The tags associated with each Expert represent the types of nations they are willing to build.

If you're also looking for a certified NationBuilder website custom theme designer, browse the NationBuilder Architects directory.

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Tekhaus Consulting

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Tekhaus Consulting works with organizations of all sizes to extract the most value out of their NationBuilder communities.

Certified Experts at Tekhaus Consulting:

  • Brad Hover

Swatzel Strategies

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Specializing in campaigns & issue advocacy. Offering NationBuilder Expert services including setup, support, and training. Prepare to win!

Certified Experts at Swatzel Strategies:

  • Tom Swatzel

Wire Media

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Digital campaign strategy, branding, & data-driven design for fundraising, list building, organizing, and connecting. NB Experts & designers.

Certified Experts at Wire Media:

  • Marcy Rye
  • Katy McCreery

Spitzer-Rubenstein Strategies

Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

We specialize in online fundraising, social media, online advertising, and website development for mid-sized campaigns and organizations.

Certified Experts at Spitzer-Rubenstein Strategies

  • Michael Spitzer-Rubenstein

Calum Handforth

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Strategy consultant using NationBuilder as a catalyst for change. Setup, data management, social media integration, training and support.

Johannes Fischer

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Expert in handcrafted political campaigns. Empowering organizations to truly make politics local again.

Aj Valenzuela

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Your Nationbuilder support for basic and advanced training in managing your own software in setup, data importation, and outreach.

Lyne Robichaud

Nonprofit Government Business

Québec/Canada based Francophone to help you optimize your projects. Attractive websites. Accompagnement à toutes les étapes.

Joel Doerfel

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Full suite of Expert services: initial setup, data imports, social media integration, ongoing training and support. All projects welcome.

  • Rate: $40/hr. Flexible pricing available -- hourly, project-based, retainer. Happy to discuss your needs and find pricing that works for you.
  • Contact: jddoerfel@gmail.com · (424) 253-5769

Eve Zuckerman

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Savvy organizer with domestic & international experience. I provide set up, data import, training and more. Ready to help you grow and win.

Christopher Breene

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Leftist politico-turned-Organizer-turned-expert. Full service consulting from a 6-year progressive campaign veteran & former Organizer.


Nonprofit Government Politic: Liberal

Our experienced organizers help nonprofits, advocacy groups, unions & candidates engage with their communities online and on the ground.

Certified Experts at Vsbly:

  • Joe Newlin

Nation Launcher

Nonprofit Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

Experts in creating your site so you may gain leads and transferring cluttered Excels so you retain your existing network. Se habla Español.

Certified Experts at Nation Launcher:

  • Guadalupe Chavez


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal Politic: Conservative

As a part of a cross-functional team I am able to help you in the development and implementation of tools to improve your site.

Certified Experts at Kluge:

  • Jhani Arellano

BackOffice Thinking

Nonprofit Business Religous Organizations

Specializing in helping NonProfits strategize, evaluate, implement & integrate technology to achieve their mission & goals.

Certified Experts at BackOffice Thinking:

  • Linda Wu Pagano

Imran Moin

Nonprofit Government Business

Provide initial Nation set up, training, data import & mgmt. Savvy knowledge of business development, a great background in finance & acct.

Chris Robinson

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Liberal Alumni Advocacy

Hill staffer turned digital organizer. Specializes in member-based orgs. Ready to plan, build, launch and grow your Nation. Washington, DC

  • Rate: $50-$250 per hour, depending on service. Monthly retainers negotiable for long-term training and support
  • Contact: chris@chrisarobinson.com · 202-681-7428 · @chrisarrr

Garrett Stark

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Advocacy

More than 10 years skilled grassroots experience running innovative campaigns with unions, community organizations, and alt-labor groups.

Lexington Communications

Nonprofit Government Business Strategic Consulting Public Affairs Crisis Communications Health Planning and Infrastructure Financial Services

UK’s leading independent public affairs & communications agency. We work across a wide range of sectors to deliver communications strategies.

Certified Experts at Lexington Communications

  • Paul Simpson

Brantley Eason

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative

You have a Nation, now Conquer it! I can give you strategies to be victorious in your cause.

  • Rate: $60/hr (tell me what you are working on and we can come to an agreement)
  • Contact: brantleyeason@gmail.com · 801.512.0385

RBI Strategies

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Strategic Consulting Management Advocacy Survey Research

We have been doing good things for good people since 1985. Contact RBI for your international, national, or local NationBuilder needs.

Certified Experts at RBI Strategies

  • Callie Seymour
  • Jessica Campbell-Swanson

Wayne Strategies

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal  Political: Centrist  Online Organizing Policy Advocacy

Army Veteran, 6+ years experience in outreach, social media, community organizing, policy advocacy. Full spectrum Nation strategy & support.

Certified Experts at Wayne Strategies:

  • Patrick Bellon
  • Rate: $50/hr, weekly and monthly rates negotiable.
  • Contact: pwbellon@gmail.com · (512) 809-6187


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Changing the world one pixel at a time. We are a certified NationBuilder Architect offering strategy, training, implementation, and more.

Certified Experts at Tectonica

  • Josh Cook

JRS Strategies, LLC

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal Health Legal

JRS Strategies helps you build and organize your digital community utilizing the full potential of the tools in the NationBuilder platform.

Certified Experts at JRS Strategies

  • Jason Springer

Hamza Syed

Nonprofit Business

Expertise in business development/sales, social media marketing, and fundraising. Provide Nation set up, data import, training, and support.

Zachary Straub

Nonprofit Government Business

Small business specializing in custom web development & design, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, fine art, and 3D printing.


Nonprofit Business

We're a full service agency exclusively for NationBuilder customers. Headed by a former NationBuilder Organizer there's nothing we can't do.

Certified Experts at BridGE

  • Josh Gray-Emmer

Cyndi Buchanan

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Services include initial set up, data import, social media marking. We can help train your campaign staff how to best utilize NationBuilder.

Daniel Buchanan

Nonprofit Government Business Political: Nonpartisan

Daniel's 10+ years of consulting means trusted advice and help accomplishing your nation's social media goals.

Danny Brener

Nonprofit Business

LA-based expert here to help you maximize your potential and exceed your goals using NationBuilder's powerful platform. I'm here to help!

Vineyard Strategies

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Specializing in NationBuilder sites for local GOP candidates. Whether it's the initial launch, massaging your data, or training, we can help.

Certified Experts at Vineyard Strategies

  • Craig Orndorff

Ryan Sponheim

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Initial setup, data imports, training and support. I work on projects of all sizes including that one thing you just can't quite figure out.


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative Politic: Liberal

Experts in NationBuilder, campaign operations, CRM, fundraising, communications & data mgmt. Exceed your objectives. On Time & On Budget.

Certified Experts at CampaignPros

  • Carey Miller

Right Start Data

Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Conservative

Website creation, data import automation, multi-nation data synchronization,  custom dashboard/metrics creation, all levels of support.

Certified Experts at Right Start Data

  • Nick Phillips


Nonprofit Government Business Politic: Liberal

Empowering campaigns with NationBuilder since April 2012. Business experience in USA, Belgium, France, Spain, Mexico, Central Africa.

Certified Experts at A&AC, LLC:

  • Sean Abajian


Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business

Demotrac helps non-profits and emerging businesses find their glue, refine its quality and bind more donors or customers to their mission.

Certified Experts at Demotrac:

  • Robert Blackmon

Diana Conte

Nonprofit Business

Your go-to gal for NationBuilder support. Let's exceed your goals together.

Angie Cole

Nonprofit Business Politic: Liberal

Offering NationBuilder Expert website start-up, training services, data base migration, & more.

Roy Aguillon

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

Nationbuilder Expert from Texas, works nationwide. Data, website, social & strategy. Let's do this.

Fusion Strategies

Nonprofit Politic: Conservative 

We are the catalyst connecting clients with their target audiences and motivating them to action via a dynamic and integrated digital brand.

Certified Experts at Fusion Strategies:

  • Leonard Goenaga


Nonprofit Politic: Liberal

PowerLabs helps organizers recruit supporters, raise money and build power by integrating data-driven digital strategies into their work.

Certified Experts at PowerLabs:

  • Randall Smith

Acquire Digital


Advertising, organizing, fundraising

Certified Experts at Acquire Digital:

  • Corinne Ables
  • Emily Smith


Politic: Liberal Business

We build your NationBuilder platform and integrate with our live call center, automated calls, polling, and video production.

Certified Experts at frontrunner2020:

  • Ron Turner

Selvi London

Nonprofit Government Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

Selvi London is 360 degree Digital Agency. We offer Strategy Creation, Web Implementation, CRM Implementation, Training and Consultancy.

Certified Experts at Selvi London:

  • Umut Selvi

IVC Media

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

From design to data management and campaign strategy, IVC Media builds custom solutions that can integrate all of your NationBuilder needs.

Certified Experts at IVC Media:

  • Alex Gauthier
  • Jane Susskind
  • Logan Brown

Phillip Kent Knight

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

Providing complete NationBuilder Expert services. I can help you get started, look good, and engage supporters to reach your goals.

Matthew Copsey

Nonprofit Politic: Liberal Business Government

Progressive technology for maximum impact. Full scale NationBuilder support.

Kelly Nicole

Nonprofit Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

Here to help you reach your goals! Including initial setup, social media integration, timely blasts and posts, ongoing consulting, training, and voter file imports.


Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

We bring you the strategy, design and development in the virtual world while you create a better community in the real world.

Certified Experts at ykcreative:

  • Wes Hatten

Ian Patrick Hines

Nonprofit Government Business Politic-Conservative Politic: Liberal

As one of the world's foremost NationBuilder experts, I'm uniquely qualified to help you leverage your nation to achieve your goals.

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