Find people and pages with quick search

From the top nav bar of your nation, you can quickly find people or webpages.


Searching for people or pages is only a click away with quick search. Search in the People, Communication, Finance, or Settings tab to find people in your nation. You can search the following fields:


  • email

  • Twitter username

  • phone number

  • first name

  • last name

  • NationBuilder ID


  • page slug

  • page name

A drop-down menu will appear as you type based on your search. For example, you can find all people in your database with a ".gov" email address or all of the people who have "Jack" in their name. Once you see the person you are looking for, click the edit pencil to edit their profile.


If you don’t see the person you are looking for, you can create a new person from the bottom of the down menu “+ Create ‘your search’.” To target a search for more than one person, use filtering.

When you are in the Website tab of your control panel, quick search will find pages in your website based on the page slug. This is particularly useful for editing subpages, blog posts, and other pages that are not in the top navigation of your website. If you know the full page slug —  for example, the slug for this page is "find_people_pages_with_quick_search" — you can place the entire slug in quick search and you'll be taken to the dashboard of that page.

If you have more than one website in your nation, quick search will find pages within the site you're currently viewing. 

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