How do I back up my NationBuilder site?

I'd like to find out how backups work in NationBuilder, and what the best practices are.

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An administrator can create and download a snapshot of your PostgreSQL 9 database from Settings > Database > Snapshots.

Remember, NationBuilder is backed up in real-time automatically so your data is always safe. We recommend creating a snapshot before doing something dramatic, like a large import or deleting a lot of people. If you snapshot the database, we will have a fighting chance of restoring the info you might have deleted. Your nation's administrators can also download the snapshot to move your data out of NationBuilder. 

What is backed up:

  • All Supporter, Prospect, Non-Supporter information (including notes)
  • All custom lists and tags
  • All Activity stream information, including comments, Tweets, Facebook post likes, and flags
  • All Pages and page-types created
  • All Event RSVPs and shifts
  • All page/user follows and follow up settings
  • All Donations, invoices, tracking codes, and merchant accounts
  • All Data imports, Legacy imports, and redirect pages
  • All Text, Voice, and Email messages including Broadcasters
  • All Email blasts older than 14 days

Restoring your nation

You do not have the ability to restore your database - please contact your organizer for help.

To restore your snapshot on your own postgres database, you can use these commands.  It assumes you have a UTF-8 encoded database called "nbuild" with a user of "nbuild" already set up, and that your nation's slug is "abeforprez"

psql -d nbuild -U nbuild -h --password -c "CREATE SCHEMA nbuild_abeforprez; CREATE SCHEMA shared_extensions; CREATE EXTENSION hstore WITH schema shared_extensions; CREATE EXTENSION dblink WITH schema shared_extensions; CREATE EXTENSION citext WITH schema shared_extensions; CREATE EXTENSION pg_trgm WITH schema shared_extensions;"

pg_restore -d nbuild --password --format=c -U nbuild -h --schema="nbuild_abeforprez" --verbose --clean --no-acl --no-owner nbuild_abeforprez-4f231bcdc2e48c27ef000003-20120127.dump

Replace that last filename with the filename of the snapshot that you downloaded.

Learn more about how to open a snapshot on a Mac

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    “All Pages and page-types created” is a little ambiguous: does that mean all content is backed up?
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    I'd like to find out how backups work in NationBuilder, and what the best practices are.