How to create a custom permission set

In NationBuilder, you have complete control over which features are accessible by your team members. By creating a “permission set,” you can customize your nation’s control panel for each type of user without being pigeon-holed into pre-set “categories” or “levels.”

When you create a new nation, two permission sets are created -- "Admin" and "staffer" -- and as the owner of the nation, you are given admin permission. The admin permission set grants unrestricted access to your nation's control panel and is not customizable.

By default, the staffer permission set does not have access to the Settings area of your nation nor can a staffer change a person's party affiliation. When you go to Settings > Defaults > Permission sets, you can customize the access level of the "staffer" permission set.

To create your own, custom permission sets:

  1. Navigate within your Control Panel to Settings > Defaults > Permission sets.


  2. Choose the a name for your new permission set and click “Create permission set.”


  3. Your new permission set has been created. Now it's time to customize it.

    Below the title of your permission set is a list of “switches,” one for each feature or functionality. Toggle the switches to enable or disable access to each feature for your custom permission set.


  4. That’s it. You’re done.

Additional Information

  • Learn how to grant someone permission to access your control panel.
  • Learn more about the various configurable permissions and what — exactly — they allow.
  • People with access to "billing and addons" have the ability to pause or shut down your nation.
  • You can create up to five custom permission sets, plus the "Admin" permission set. 
  • Only admins can change a user's password in the control panel. A user can change her own password by clicking the 'Forgot your password?' link at the bottom of a login screen.

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