How to promote volunteer opportunities

You can tag all volunteer event pages from Settings > Page Settings. Once you have three or more upcoming volunteer events, you can set up a calendar to only show these opportunities. 

Create a new calendar, and in Calendar > Settings, check the box next to “Include all events, not just the ones under this page.” Then in the field “Only include events with one of these tags” type the name of the page tag you’ve used for all of your volunteer events. 

A calendar showing only volunteer events is a good page for people to land on after signing up to volunteer.

Sometimes, your organization will have events that require volunteer help over a long period of time - for example, creating a community garden or phone banking supporters. To effectively manage volunteers for these types of events, you’ll want to allow people to sign up for shifts.


To do this, check the box next to Ask for Shifts under Event Details > Settings. Then define the shifts in Event details > Shifts. You’ll probably want to limit the time frame of each shift to four hours or less, as you don’t want to fatigue your volunteers.

Promoting volunteer events

  • Consider emailing your supporters or a subset of supporters information about your upcoming event. Be sure to include a link to the event so they can RSVP.
  • Promote your event on Facebook and Twitter via your NationBuilder control panel.
    • This idea assumes you have a public Facebook page and Twitter account connected to a Broadcaster.
    • Go to Communication and select a Broadcaster. From the Broadcaster dashboard, you'll be given the option to post to Facebook and Twitter, with a box to type in your message. Be sure to include a link to your event page. Type out the full URL and NationBuilder will automatically shorten the link for you.
  • Contact supporters individually and log your contact in your nation.
    • You can pull up a list of all of your volunteers by going to People and selecting volunteers from the first drop-down menu.
    • Once you open a person's profile, you can log a contact with them. Calling someone or connecting face-to-face is the most effective way to ask them to volunteer for a specific event. You can take notes about your interaction in the text box section of logging a contact. Then you can select how you connected, what type of contact it was, and what the result of the contact was. Click the button that says "Joe Smith was contacted" where Joe Smith represents the name of the person whose profile you're viewing.
      • You can also RSVP a person to an event directly from the person's profile. When you click on RSVP in a person's profile, you can select from a drop-down list of all upcoming events and indicate the number of additional guests who will be attending the event. If you are entering an RSVP for the person contacted only, this number should stay zero. 
      • Please note, you cannot indicate the person has signed up for a shift from the RSVP functionality within a person's profile.
      • By editing the volunteer event and going to Event Details > RSVPs, you can edit the RSVP created via a person's profile to indicate a shift. You can also enter new RSVPs through this area of the control panel. From Event Details > RSVPs, click new RSVP. When you start typing a name, email, or Twitter handle, a list of possible matches from your database will appear below the box and you can select the correct person.
  • Connect your event to a Facebook event from Event details > Social
    • You can create a Facebook event from your control panel by clicking the Publish to Facebook button. An event created in this manner will be associated with the personal profile of the person logged into Facebook.
    • You can create a Facebook event within Facebook and then place the URL for the event in the box above the Connect to an existing Facebook event button. This is the recommended way of connecting to Facebook as it allows you to have your organization's Facebook Page host the event.
    • Regardless of the method of connecting, people who RSVP to your Facebook event will automatically be pulled into your RSVP list in NationBuilder and added to your people database.

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