How to remove a profile

There are several ways to deal with problematic people in a database. Removing people should be the last resort. All control panel users with access to the People section can change support level, delete a profile, or ban a profile. Only admins can report spam. We've found that it's useful to keep track of people when they become non-supporters by changing their support level to 4 or 5.

Here's how to indicate a non-supporter. From the list view in the People section, click the caron on the right side of a profile and then click "Edit [person's name]."


This will take you to the Edit > Settings area of her profile. You can also get to the Edit > Settings section of a profile from single-person view.


In the supporter level drop-down menu, choose either "4 - Weak oppose" or "5 - Strong oppose."


Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the "Save person" button.


The person will now be listed as a non-supporter in your database. If the person reaches out to you in the future, the history of your interaction will be available.

Occasionally, you may decide that a profile needs to be completely removed. You can do this by deleting a person, banning her, or reporting spam. Deleting a person or reporting spam are irreversible; and reporting spam is only available to admins of your nation.

Deleting a person: Removes her profile from your nation and abandons any user-produced content. Deleting a person is irreversible. A group of people can be deleted using a list

A profile cannot be deleted if the profile has:

  • a permission level (i.e. control panel access)
  • made a donation
  • been sent an invoice
  • been connected to an expenditure
    • received an expenditure
    • created an expenditure
    • listed as the person / organization the expenditure was about (in support of or in opposition to)

Banning a person: Profile is marked as banned. No one can login to your nation using the Twitter, Facebook, or email accounts connected to the profile. Once you ban a profile with a Twitter account, you will also block them on Twitter. The person can be unbanned. This process is usually done after a person receives three rules violations.  

Reporting spam: Reports the person and her content as spam. Removes her profile and permanently deletes any user-produced content. 

When an admin is editing a person's profile, these options will appear at the bottom of the Edit > Settings screen to the right of the "Save person" button.


When you select one of these options, a pop-up window will appear to confirm your decision. 

Report spam pop-up window:


Click "OK" on the report spam pop-up window to report the person as a spammer and remove content she created. If you click "Cancel" no action will be taken.

Ban person pop-up window:


Click "OK" on the ban person pop-up window to ban the person. If you click "Cancel" no action will be taken.

Delete person pop-up window:


Click "OK" on the delete person pop-up window to remove the person's profile. If you click "Cancel" no action will be taken.

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