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NationBuilder and the conventions

Joe Green
Joe Green

I'll be at the RNC and DNC conventions this month and am looking forward to meeting our customers and folks who are interested in learning more about NationBuilder and our community organizing system.

If you'd like to connect at either convention, please email katie@nationbuilder.com.

With technology playing an ever-greater role in politics, both conventions are making it easy to participate by social media as well. The Republican National Convention is partnering with Google and YouTube to create a "Convention Without Walls." Google has built the infrastructure for the conference's digital center within YouTube which includes a conversation room for members of Congress and other top Republicans who will host Google Hangouts and participate in conversations over Twitter and Facebook. I'll be sharing photos and reactions on my Facebook page as well.

The Democrats are also focused on making their convention as open and accessible as possible to the public using social media and mobile. Prime time speeches and caucus meetings will be streamed live over the internet. They’ve also released a smartphone app to host videos, blog posts and photos. The app also includes an interactive map for visitors to use while they are at the convention.

Hope to see you in Tampa or Charlotte!