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commented on Ability to Make Free Tickets as well as Paid Tickets in the Same Event
We definitely hope to make this possible as we continue to evolve our built-in ticketing functions. For now, I suggest using one of our app partners’ integration like Techtonica’s Eventbrite Connect tool to achieve the kind of ticketing customization you require. You can check out all of the options at
posted 2015-12-28 15:37:13 -0800

commented on Types of NationBuilder pages
That is correct, Dane. We are not. You can create the same functionality with Rock The Vote’s tools, and import the data.
posted 2015-12-28 15:33:35 -0800

commented on How to create a petition with NationBuilder
Thank you for flagging this for us Chris! Did you notice the problem on a specific theme?
posted 2015-12-18 10:17:33 -0800

commented on Does Nationbuilder support other languages such as Arabic?
The Control Panel is currently only availble in English, French, and Spanish, but you can change your site to be viewed in other languages by following the instructions here:
posted 2015-12-17 15:57:44 -0800

commented on Donation Webhooks
You can also access webhooks API if you’re using a NationBuilder third party app ( or if you’re using a NationBuilder certified developer ( Otherwise, it’s only accessible for Enterprise and Network customers.
posted 2015-12-17 15:55:14 -0800

commented on Change Image that Shows Up on Social Media Platforms when sharing from website
Hi Bob – Every page on your website has social media settings. These settings allow you to prompt supporters to share a page on Twitter and Facebook and attract potential allies to your site:

It looks like Facebook suggests the debugger as well for the fb:admin tag:

If you are looking to tag pages themselves you can learn all about tags and creating tag libraries here:

Here’s an overall of how tags work:
posted 2015-12-17 15:42:37 -0800

commented on Thinking outside the box about NationBuilder
Hi Deanna,
Currently, to contribute to the suggestion box, you must be signed in to the nation. It is not possible to post anonymously to NationBuilder pages.
posted 2015-12-17 15:35:59 -0800

commented on How do I hide by live site if I am not ready? Also then
The setting changes for who can view the site should be active immediately. Be sure that you’re viewing your Nation while logged out, so that you’re not just seeing everything that’s viewable to you as a site admin. If the aspects of your site that you want hidden are still public after you’ve adjusted all of the settings, please contact and include any relevant links.
posted 2015-12-17 15:28:01 -0800