NamSor - Append gender, origin and ethnicity data

NamSor software classifies names accurately by gender, country of origin, or ethnicity.

Use NamSor to improve segmentation for your NationBuilder community: infer gender & cultural origin through personal names. NamSor will enrich NationBuilder fields gender and ethnicity (region/country of origin) based on personal names. It will not modify any existing data in those fields.

Pricing: NamSor API is free to classify up to 1,000 gender appends per month and 100 ethnicity appends. Volume subscription: $99 for 100,000 gender appends and $999 for 100,000 ethnicity appends.
Contact: Elian Carsenat · · +33 6 52 77 99 07

About the app

  • Communicate with a target audience according to gender or cultural origin/ethnicity.
  • Engage community influencers, to facilitate outreach to a Diaspora or expatriate network.
  • Monitor engagement or financial KPIs, according to gender or cultural origin/ethnicity.

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