Organizing your GOTV data and outreach with NationBuilder

Hot from the production studio (seriously, we have this big, dark room with sound-dampening walls inside another room), we've got a new video for you demonstrating GOTV data and organizing strategies using NationBuilder.

Need to update your data with early voting records from your local elections office? You're going to upload a CSV file with state IDs and a tag (jump to VBM update instructions on the video). If there isn't a state ID on the early voting record, you'll create a tag, then add all the names from your list to the shopping cart and batch update the list (jump to alternate batch update instructions on the video). 

We'll show you how to exclude those folks who've already voted from your supporter contact lists (jump to instructions on excluding results from your lists) using the shopping cart and "-" function.

We've also got a refresher on how to create supporter-only GOTV events (jump to events setup instructions) and on getting out your identified supporters to the polls on Election Day (jump to video instructions on creating Election Day GOTV packets).

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