Promote themes for sale on Blueprints

There's no doubt that designing and building a custom, world-class theme on NationBuilder can often be expensive. However, not every customer needs nor can afford a tailor-made solution. They might also want a design or layout that is different from the public themes we provide. 

Luckily, a number of Architects have heeded these calls and built their own turnkey themes that offer customers a more affordable yet fantastic option for their nation. Every organization should have access to the design they desire and the ecosystem is helping make that a reality. 

So, in an effort to better promote these turnkey themes, we have added a new sorting option to Blueprints with a "for sale" option. Now you'll be able to distinguish work for purchase from the showcase gallery, simply through the same process of uploading a Blueprint and hitting the "theme for sale" radio button below it post-upload. 


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