NationBuilder FAQs

NationBuilder leadership software includes a lot of functionality. This section includes short explanations for how to put those features to work. Our documentation includes step-by-step instructions to core features.

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Simulate flash confirmations



Excellent question, thanks for asking. Are you familiar with our Theme Sync app? It lets you edit your theme and preview changes offline. This could be a great way to preview changes to your confirmation messages without having to fill in the form to test the confirmation for each change.

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Robo Calls


Hi Sherry,

This is an excellent question, thank you for asking. It is possible to record a message on your NationBuilder phone number, but it is not possible to have that number robocall your constituents with your message. However this does not mean that you are not able to perform robocalls using NationBuilder; we have a number of partners that offer a robocall function and integrate with our API they are Caller101 and CallFire. You can learn more about setting up your phone number and configuring voicemail here

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footer on home page

fb:admins and fb:app_id tags not being placed in pages


The fb:app_id meta tag is added automatically to NationBuilder unless you're using a custom domain.

Since you're using a custom domain, you will need to go to the Facebook Developers page and apply for a developer account. Then, go to "Apps" → "Create a new app" to obtain a new App ID for your site. Follow these steps to obtain your fb:admins and/or fb:app_id embeds, and insert them before the closing </head> tag in your layout.html template file.

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Modifying Google Analytics code



You should be able to remove the NationBuilder-generated tracking code, and use Google's modified tracking code given in their example (make sure to use your actual tracking ID and site URL). Swapping out the tracking code should not affect your goals functionality.

Removing NationBuilder-generated tracking code

Go to Website → Site settings → Analytics setup, remove the Google Analytics tracking code, and save the page.


Adding custom Google Analytics tracking code

If you're using a public theme:

  1. Go to Website → Theme → New custom theme
  2. Clone your current theme
  3. Go to Website → Current custom theme → Templates → layout.html
  4. Add the custom Google Analytics tracking code before the closing </head> tag, and save and publish the page.

If you're using a custom theme, skip steps 1 and 2 above, and simply modify your layout.html template as described in step 4.


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Blurry header image


Hi Brenton,

Each of our themes has specific dimensions for your logo, header image, and content sliders. If your header image looks slightly blurry it's because the image dimensions do not match the ones used by your theme, and the image is being stretched to fit the dimensions. The suggested dimension for header images in the Presence theme is 1024x340. You can find suggested dimensions for all of our themes under the public theme guidelines.

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Random piece of code showing on webpage

Email notifications for contributions


Hi Alisha, 

You can definitely set up email notifications for every contribution submitted online. A control panel user can update their notification preferences to receive an email each time a contribution is submitted online. 

From any control panel user profile in your database, select “notifications” then select “Emails new donations” under “Everyone” and you’ll receive a notification anytime anyone donates on your website. You can find more information on notification emails here - 

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Signup field color

Styling submit button in Aware

Delete header image on splash page

Change the header image size in the Presence theme

Is it possible to query new tags created?

Collecting new user data while already logged in

Trouble Sizing the header graphic

Table styling

Is it possible to copy the calender into another website?