NationBuilder FAQs

NationBuilder leadership software includes a lot of functionality. This section includes short explanations for how to put those features to work. Our documentation includes step-by-step instructions to core features.

If you have a question about how to accomplish something, submit a question. You will automatically receive email notifications when your question receives an answer or comment.

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Change feature slider to fade instead of slide

Batch Update Bad Emails From External File

Hiding public email themes/ thumbnails for custom themes


This isn't possible at the moment - we suggest re-naming the email themes to something like "ARCHIVE - Email theme 1"

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Redirect if only Admins can view site


You can edit your log in page in a custom theme

There is an error message that should also show up - as of 5/12/16 it's not working please follow this suggestion for updates! 

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Icon Reference Request

How DO I get the BASIC website design page?

Getting when submitting RSVPs


Looks like you got it to work! In emergency situations like this one please call us at 213-394-4623!

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Additional websites


Hi Peter! Websites are included in the feature packages rather than being an a la carte item. The Leader package, starting at $29/month, includes 2 public websites and the Organization package, starting at $199/month includes 10 websites. You can find more on pricing here:  

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Multi-person membership

Where does the homepage widget get called?

Can "filling out forms" be set to "...but don't log the visitor in?"

not planned

Hey Rob, keeping the user logged in allows for them to fill out multiple forms or take multiple actions without having to re-enter their info every time; if a user is logged in and wants to sign a petition, they just click the "add signature" button. This reduces form-fatigue in a big way and leads to a generally more fluid user experience in addition to enabling the customer to develop their website in a way that reacts to their supporter's involvement and actions. It's also instrumental in our social-share-prompts that ask a user to share the action they just took and append a recruiter ID the link.

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123contact lightbox popup

Ad Blockers prevent users from logging in


Hey Reed, unfortunately you can't control that kind of client-side behavior. I can tell you, however, that I use ABP and am very frequently constantly logging into/out of Nations with no problem; I would suspect this issue is setting-specific on the user's part, as it's not replicable here with a standard install of the extension

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Unpublish Top Nav on home page