Case Study

Raising $100K in under 12 hours for a media outlet

Media shouldn't just be about pushing content. The same way an advocacy campaign empowers its most ardent supports to engage others, news outlets should be relying on this model to get their content in front of the right sets of eyes. 

So when The Rebel Media - Canada’s premier source of conservative news, opinion and activism - hired us as their agency of record, we knew they needed a media nucleus that put that model into practice. In addition to a website that allowed for easy hosting and management of various content sources, it had to be supported by a database that would track supporter interactions across social media and other mediums.  

The Rebel had to be launched quickly in order to capture the momentum from the shutdown of their legacy news outlet. In 36 hours, we built a fully-functional NationBuilder site complete with a database and communication headquarters. Three weeks later, we developed a custom crowdfunding solution that integrated with their nation, minus the high fees of a 3rd-party crowdfunding platform. 

The result: through compelling content and top-notch digital tools, The Rebel raised over $100,000 in less than twelve hours providing crucial early funding for its continuation. 


After the successful fundraising campaign, we then developed new designs and functions for The Rebel, including custom apps like a “share by email” tool – a function that isn't native to NationBuilder. We also integrated NationBuilder with Zype allowing for a custom membership-based video player. When a member subscribes using Zype, their contact and membership transaction data is automatically added to The Rebel's NationBuilder database.

The Rebel makes extensive use of NationBuilder’s petition and donation pages to foster activism as well. All interactions are recorded in the database and used to provide custom content to visitors. For example, a supporter could have access to exclusive content depending on their donation amount or membership level. 

The Rebel also utilizes NationBuilder’s email blast capabilities – staying in touch with hundreds of thousands of supporters. Custom emails are sent from many different Rebel personalities depending on the content of the message. 

The Rebel is built on a new model for media, made possible by Torch. It’s unique because it uses technology to combine journalism with a very personalized, interactive relationship with its followers. This relationship creates a deep link between the audience and organization, building loyalty and commercial relationships. We are proud to have architected the relationship model and the system that makes it possible.

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