Ryan Vaillancourt, Lead Organizer, Brands

I help large advocacy organizations, nonprofits, associations and corporations implement engagement strategies on NationBuilder to help them meet their community goals. 


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Support Type: Website

Issue: I have tried to create a subsite that would use a shared site. When I go through the process to add a new subsite, I am able to select the shared site, and I get a message telling me that I’ll get an email when the site is created/finished. The email never comes. And its been +24 hours. Creating a normal subsite (not from a shared site) works instantly.

URL: gelateriauli.com

endorsement[email]: rvaillancourt@nationbuilder.com

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commented on Filter people by number of tags
I wonder what you would be un-earthing with this filter result? Is the idea that people with more tags are more engaged? If so, have you considered instead using political/social capital? You can weight the value of every action tracked in NationBuilder – from event RSVPs to sending/receiving 1:1 email or phone calls. And each value gets added to each supporter’s total political/social capital score. You can adjust your social capital settings at any time, and have those settings apply retroactively. Then, sort your People section by social/political capital or search by amount of social capital. Just a suggestion. More here: http://nationbuilder.com/understanding_virtual_currency
posted 2017-02-10 08:54:32 -0800