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Visual Designer

We're seeking a full-time visual designer to create beautiful and compelling vector illustrations, infographics and other visual designs to help communicate sophisticated concepts into a visual language that is easy to understand.

You will work within the design team from our beautiful office in Los Angeles, California, where you will collaborate on the diverse scope of design needs for NationBuilder, a genre-defining product that is already changing peoples lives. This is a great opportunity to have your work seen and appreciated widely, and to influence the evolution of visual design at a company that is growing rapidly.

NationBuilder is the world's first community organizing system – bringing organizing not just to all types of political candidates and nonprofit organizations, but to authors, filmmakers, and anyone building a community around what they do.


  • You are passionate about creating compelling vector illustrations and have exceptional attention to detail 
  • You love the challenge of distilling complicated concepts into easy to understand visual designs and infographics
  • You obsess over typography, readability, space, color, tone, and balance
  • You have a strong work ethic, quick learner and willing to work with a fast-paced team
  • You hate asking "quick questions" and enjoy the challenge of figuring things out yourself
  • You are interesting -- maybe you know another language, have a crazy life story, or are a struggling musician, just something different

To apply, please send a URL to your online portfolio, your resume and why this is a job for you in 140 characters or less to

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Loving the illustrations!

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Blueprint Interactive

Blueprint's in-house development team builds custom solutions using free, open-source platforms to provide cost-effective for our clients.

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cStreet Campaigns

We combine UX design, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript with the web's most effective organizing tools to win progressive campaigns.

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