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published Food Day NationBuilder Case Study in Case studies 2015-03-20 16:49:40 -0700

The Secret Ingredients to Food Day's Biggest Year Ever

Food Day adapted to each locality’s interests and preferences to ensure people all over the country could participate in the ways they wanted. Using NationBuilder, the organization enabled supporters to plan and post their own activities on a searchable map. The results:

  • 8,000
  • Events across the country
  • 70%
  • Annual increase, biggest ever
  • 2,000
  • Unique cities and towns participating

published DTLA Nation NationBuilder Case Study in Case studies 2015-03-20 16:44:01 -0700

Smart Texting: The Data Plan That Builds Community

DTLA Nation created a way for businesses and residents in downtown Los Angeles to connect with each other in a mutually beneficial way. Using NationBuilder, the service built a system in which restaurants and bars found patrons on slower weekday nights and locals got special discounts and deals. The results: 

  • 7,468 
  • Residents in about a year
  • 22%
  • Of the downtown population participating
  • 2x
  • Interaction rate for texts vs. emails

Mastering the Art of Fundraising as an Independent Filmmaker

Meridian Hill Pictures, a community-based documentary production company, leveraged one film’s outreach infrastructure to launch another fundraising campaign faster than traditional means. Using NationBuilder, the production company identified potential supporters and kept track of communication throughout the campaign. The results:

  • $18,686
  • Raised, more than goal.
  • 2
  • Weeks to build and fundraise.
  • 42%
  • Overall portion of list who donated.

published Oaktree NationBuilder Case Study in Case studies 2015-03-20 15:48:14 -0700

Transform One-Time Volunteers into Committed Leaders

Oaktree built a deliberate leadership system for its anti-poverty campaigns to maintain momentum beyond one day of action. Using NationBuilder, the organization found and trained supporters ready and willing to take on more responsibility. The results: 

  • 868
  • New Community Leaders, 368 more than the goal
  • $3,000
  • In new donations in one week 
  • 199
  • Nonmajor cities represented

published GenUN NationBuilder Case Study in Case studies 2015-03-20 13:50:43 -0700

What It Takes to Engage 20,000 Millennials in Five Months

GenUN harnessed the passion of thousands of millennials to build a youth voice for today's issues and grow future leaders. Using NationBuilder, the group created a rich database of people identified with the causes they care about and leveraged that to cater communications. The results:

  • 28
  • Congressional meetings in 2014
  • 40%
  • Planned increase in chapters
  • 20,000
  • Supporters in five months

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Big Up Kidz

published Digitize your nonprofit in 7 steps in HOWTOs and FAQs 2015-02-09 17:44:40 -0800

Digitize your nonprofit in 7 steps

  1. Start your nation

    Select a public theme, which features a customizable template that doesn’t require any HTML knowhow. After creating your website, connect your organization’s Twitter handle and Facebook page to a Broadcaster. Finally, select your free NationBuilder phone number for texting and voicemail.

  2. Identify your core team

    Give each member of your team access to your nation. When logged in to the control panel, team members will be able to view, in real time, all the actions your supporters are taking, track conversations, and tag supporters with relevant information.

  3. Import your data

    Load membership data into NationBuilder’s control panel and let NationBuilder Match work its magic. Then use Klout scores and sort by highest Twitter followers to identify your most influential members. Ask them to lead in the area where their voice is strongest: online. Track which members are recruiting best and reward them.

  4. Prepare to accept donations

    Define your organization's goals and connect your payment processor to begin accepting donations from your supporters.

  5. Revisit your website

    Choose whether you want to keep your public theme or work with an Architect to build out a custom theme.

  6. Make action easy

    Use the site to collect membership information, host events, keep people up-to-date, and enable members to have their own log-ins to certain content areas.

  7. Set up your email

    View the online communication demo and review email best practices. Filter your people database, create a list of recipients, and craft your message.

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Kozmary Center

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One Acre Fund

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