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You shouldn’t paste the embed code in the content editor. NationBuilder uses a service called embedly which converts URLs from many media services (including YouTube) into embeds. All you need to do is place the YouTube URL on a single line in the content editor and it will be converted into an embedded video when you view the page.
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commented on page.donation
If you create a custom theme and take a look at the donation page template, you’ll see how it is used. Namely {{ page.donation.amount_goal_format }} will output the dollar amount goal for the donation page if one is set.
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I love the illustrations!
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commented on order_item
When someone purchases a ticket or a paid membership, it is an “item” in an “order” that gets displayed on the donation page. You’ll see this on the donation template under the amount label.
posted 2012-04-06 10:16:30 -0700
commented on Inconsistent styling of sub nav pages
Dan: I’ve fixed this for you by adding the property margin-bottom: 1em; to ul#subnav li in your theme.scss file. This spacing should have been consistent to begin with, so I’ll apply an update to the theme as well.
posted 2012-12-31 12:01:17 -0800
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feature.medium_image_url and feature.large_image_url will now return the correct URLs.
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Gorgeous job.
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commented on Browser storing credit card number
That’s a client-side browser setting, not something NationBuilder is doing. If you check your browser preferences you should be able to disable that.
posted 2011-06-24 11:17:37 -0700