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option to hide nav item from unauthorized user

we'd like an option to only display links in the top nav that the current user has permission to see. currently if a page is set to be visible to certain roles only but also visible in the top nav, anyone can see the link in the nav. we get the value of displaying all links in some cases (link piques interest, may encourage signups), just seeking a workaround for other cases (easy access to some supporter-only nav item). thanks!

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Settings for required fields

We get lots of request from clients to make certain fields required. It would be great if most/all text fields would either accept a 'required' parameter at the template level or have a 'required' checkbox in that form's settings.

We understand. philosphically, why more fields are not currently required, but not all of our clients do.

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make donation followup page's default facetweet include donation url, not followup url

a followup page ([next_page_slug]/'After donating, what page should they land on next?') to a donation page inserts the follow-up page's url in its facetweet instead of the donation page's url -- could there be a setting for followup pages to refer to the referring donation form? or just make that the default?

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Allow survey questions to all be listed on the same page.

...So that people don't have to click 'next' to see the next question, they are all right there. For longer surveys this is good because people can estimate how much time they will be spending taking it instead of feeling frustrated if it lasts too long. 

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Resource Tree for Theme Related Files/Resources

Navigating between documents when creating a custom theme is rather inefficient and time consuming. Having a document tree on the left side of the page would allow switching between files quickly and easy. It would also allow for the organization of these files via categories for easy reference without actually impacting the document information.

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Canada eh!

You need to incorporate the Canadian constituencies and the polls.  Precincts?

Below is the link to my constituency and the polls.  I'd like to map walk routes for each polls, ideally on a ipad app that I could update as I door knock each residence.

I've uploaded all my election data 28k+, working on party data, and for the next 3.5 years would like to run this like a CRM until the election is called.


Steve Young


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Voter Registration (UK)


The Rock the Vote registration tool is a great feature.  Unfortunately its not available in the UK.

There is a tool published by the UK Electoral Commission Which takes the user through a series of steps to generate a PDF for printing, signing and returning offline.

Integration of the tool into the nation builder platform would be great.  The data used is to create the tool is freely available.

Are you considering implementing a UK version of voter registration?

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Put up a real forum

It would be great if there was a real forum on this site.


Official response from

NationBuilder routes all support interactions and discussions through topical suggestion boxes.

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Nationbuilder Facebook Application/iFrame Support

While it is possible to create a page on your nationbuilder site to be shown on a company's Facebook page as an iFrame (via a Facebook page application), it is not possible to use that to allow users to signup to Nationbuilder's services, enter full volunteer information or donate. Nationbuilder does pull in a lot of information from Facebook, but this would give companies another place for Nationbuilder functions to be utilized, increasing the reach of their nations.

This could be made to work in one of two ways:

1) A dedicated Nationbuilder Facebook app.
2) the ability to utilize Nationbuilder functions within iFrames.This would allow theme designers to create pages dedicated solely to the Facebook application (styled just as they wish). From my experience this would seem to be the less development-intensive method, if possible.

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Multiple answers in survey

It would be nice and very useful to be able to have a multiple answers option in surveys. At the moment, the multiple choice option allows only one answer.

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Thank you for your suggestion, Éric. In the immediate term, you might consider using the "text" question to review open ended answers or lists of responses.

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Add line number to CSS editor error reports?

the addition of a line number would increase the helpfulness of an error like this a zilllionfold.  

There were problems with the following fields:

  • Content scss Invalid CSS after "}": expected selector or at-rule, was "}"


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Like to Grant Membership Levels Different Access to Site Pages

I would like to give people who have paid more for membership more access to various parts of the site. It's great for people to see behind the scenes video footage of events or interviews with thought leaders etc. It creates an incentive for them to pay more within the site besides any tangible incentives.

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'Foreign' submits to NB form handlers

Webhooks are great - with those I can notify offsite servers about changes to people's NB records, etc.  I'd like to see a resource that goes the other way - in other words, if my offsite server has a new person we'd like to inform our NB site about, we simply program the non-nb server to do a form POST to the forms handlers on NB that handle for, say, a new Join, accepting the lname, fname, email and phone to become a new NB record in the 'People' database.  

This would obviate regular .csv file transfers to the NB server (lord, I get weary of those!)

Validation becomes a concern in a use case like this, so I'd suggest the following 2-step validation:

1.  When setting up an incoming webhook, the customer gives NB the domain name of the submitting server.  The NB server reads the http headers for the web address of the submitting server.  No match, no post.

2.  Most servers keep a pretty good track of the correct time, so have the sumitting server calc an MD5 hash on the current time (GMT) along with the hash of each of the 2 minutes before and 2 minutes after that time.  Cat this all into one big string and make it a part of the incoming payload.  After checking #1 above, the NB server calcs the MD5 hash for it's current GMT  time.  If it finds the calcualted hash somehwere in the 5 hashes submitted as a single string, then the POST is allowed. This makes allowances for up to 2 minutes differrences in time either way (as long as the time calc'd is granular only to the minute).


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Can auto-responder preview be fixed?

Previewing (layout_autoresponse.html) always loads a site's home page for us -- can this be fixed?

Official response from considering

Ron, have you seen the new "report a problem" link in the control panel footer? Reporting your issue there will put it directly in the hands of our engineers for review (along with giving them additional bug troubleshooting info from the page and browser).

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Permission Levels

We are working with several campaigns, and permission levels are  becoming an issue.

I would like the ability to have granular permission control over features and fields, as well as the ability to create more user types, so that we can allow/restrict access where needed.

Right now, even interns have the ability to import and export data, which will greatly limit the number of people that the candidates allow to access to the system.

Official response from completed

We will be restricting access to staffers and above for importing/exporting data, that is a very good idea.

If you can flesh out in more detail what features you do not want different levels to be able to do, I will definitely look at those.

We don't intend to have additional user types or let you choose which features are permissible for additional user types because we've found that to get really confusing for people very quickly.

Updated (09/30/2013): Change of plans. You now have complete control over which features are available to your team members with NationBuilder's permission sets. Learn more about how to create custom permission sets for your nation

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Quickbooks Donation Export Formating

Allow donation record information to be exported as a .iff so they can be imported into Quickbooks. This is used bythe majority of Small Non-Profits. 

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Broadcaster twitter followers not being made "Supporters"

When I linked my twitter account with my broadcaster account on, I noticed it brought all of my followers in as "Supporters". Would it be possible to have these listed as "Prospects" or something else instead?

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Tags and/or categories for blog entries

How about tags and/or categories for blog entries which would be visible to the public?

Official response from completed

This is in now, and it works for all pages, not just blog posts.

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Embed pages into other sites

This is probably the most requested featured at the moment to make it easy to integrate with existing WordPress/Drupal/Joomla CMSes.  We are working on it.

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Custom URL Shortener for FaceTweets etc!

It would be great branding for shared links and aid in promoting the Nation subconsciously!

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