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Advanced Search - Households for canvassing

One extremely important feature for canvassing is to be able to include all the people in a given household in a walk or call list. For example, if you're going door-to-door you want everyone in the household listed in case they are the ones answering the door. By household I mean everyone at the same exact address (including apt # so don't use lat/lng).

Ideally there are two areas where householding should be used. When printing a walk list (or call list) an option to "include others in household" should be added. If selected, all others in household should be added but ideally there should be some indicator that they are "secondary" to the primary targets. Boldface perhaps.

The second place would be during searches. There could be a button that takes an existing search result and "households it" adding all others in the same addresses. There could be another checkbox during the search - maybe next to the green search button - to make that happen at search time.

I consider both of these crucial for real door-to-door realities.


Official response from completed

After creating a list, select the list and use the "Households" tab and add people from the same home to your walk and call sheets. 

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BCC or forward email into NationBuilder and attach to record

Let's be honest - nobody likes to log into their CRM to do quick updates as we interact with your supporters. Thankfully there's a solution for day-to-day one-on-one email interactions: BCC and attach to record!

When you email your supporter you BCC to a private custom email address that finds your supporter's contact record in NationBuilder and attaches the contents of the email.


Highrise, Salesforce and other CRMs have this feature and it is THE BEST!  


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Hey Eli, you can accomplish this by bcc'ing yourself - provided it's attached to a broadcaster. The email will then be logged in the supporter's profile. 

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Dedupe time of day

It would be great to at least know what time of day the dedupe process is going to occur. Even better it would be nice to be able to set the time or manually start the process.

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Import Notes Field

It would be incredibly useful to be able to import not only the contact fields but also the note field. This would allow us to do automated donor research outside of nation builder and then import it back into the system. Right now that isn't possible.

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multilingual nations

Any plans to adds tools that would allow Nations to be multiple language?

To have a nation display in both english and spanish we'd need not just a content mgmt tool for i18n, but also a way to create and organize templates into spanish and english, and a button to allow users to switch back and forth.

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Improve Facebook tracking

Currently we have a large Facebook audience that regularly interact with our page, but we have no way to track them. It's nice that some of the likers make their way into Nationbuilder, but it has some serious flaws:

  • NB doesn’t track people that share or comment, leaving out a large portion of engagement data.
  • NB doesn’t track all post likes, and is very inconsistent in the tracking it does do.
  • NB doesn’t work out engagement rates for individual supporters, making it difficult to target our high-engagement supporters.

Ideally, we'd be able to see how frequently a supporter interacts with our broadcasters on social media, and be able to search for supporters with high engagement rates.

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Frederick, any time someone likes one of your Facebook posts, they earn virtual currency - which is the measure of their engagement rate. All you have to do is sort your people lists by this currency (pc) to rank them by engagement level. You can also use the advanced search "Influence" section to search for specific ranges of currency. 

To change the defaults for how much currency someone earns for their Facebook or Twitter activity, go to Settings > Political capital and you'll be able to edit the values for dozens of engagement activities. This is a very effective way to find out who your all-star supporters are - you can even set a leaderboard to recognize these folks publicly if you like.

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Recurring memberships

It would be great to have automated emails for expiring membership terms - so if someone signs up in January, they get an email in December reminding them to renew and than another reminder right before renewal. The ability to customize this kind of email alert would be very helpful for membership organizations.

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Endorsement Highlights

I find it completely useless to highlight someones name but not their endorsement when you select "highlight endorsement".

I suggest that highlighted endorsements show the actual endorsements and not just the names above all other endorsements and with a light yellow coloured background to show they are special/highlighted.

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'Householding' List Data

I want to do the opposite of what your current householding function does on a list.
Instead af adding in to a list all the other folks in the same household, I want to unique the list we will export and send to a direct mail vendor and send only one direct mail peice to each household.
We are tantalizingly close, because when I click 'Households' on my list of 29,047 I see the number that there are 21,627 households in the list.
Alas, that displayed info does not contain a link that would give me the unique, 'householded' data for that list. Could we have a way to 'household' a list so we only send one mail to each household?

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NationBuilder should allow connecting of spouses

For charitable fundraising, it is unlikely that contacting both spouses separately is a good idea. Likewise, it is unlikely that both spouses will give separately. Finally, most/many "memberships" will cover both spouses. There should be a way to set this up. 

Similarly, it would be nice if NB could find spouses by comparing addresses and last names - like dedupe. "Households" seems to be a similar idea, but either not too useful or not explained well enough that I can use it effectively.

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Precinct Liquid Tag

I'd love to see a liquid tag for 'precinct' (or precinct code) added so that we can provide different content to a signed-in user based on thier electoral district.  

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Lists | Address View for Lawn Sign Crew

When assigning a list to a member of a lawn sign crew, it would be helpful to have a "address" view so you don't need to individually assign each person to a crew member. The map view is a clumsy work around.

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Multiple Point Person(s)

Allow for more than one "Point Person", like a point person tag. This would allow supporters whose involvement has overlapping coordinators to be "assigned" to more than one person. Useful in the "data-security" model.

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Joe, if you set a followup type for someone, multiple people can track that in the dashboard followup view.

You can also see anyone assigned to someone who you're the point person for under "your network" - and you can use the "network" button on anyone person's profile to follow their activity.

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Ability to create new types of template pages

It would be nice to be able to create new types of custom template pages. For example, a photos or videos page, etc. 

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Éric, you can customize the master template for existing pages such as basic and reuse that. However, a cool feature would be if you have multiple default "basic" templates that could be customized and then easily reused as new pages - thanks for getting us thinking about this.

You may also be interested in our new Liquid tips and tricks documentation.

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It is often difficult with themes to not have subdirectories to organize files. Sometimes themes can get complex and the number of image files etc can be extensive. It is very difficult without subdirectories to organize and reference these files, especially when you end up with 50 or more.

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Upload images directly in WYSIWYG Editor

Having to navigate to the 'files' tab and upload each image to be included in a post or page individually before inserting the image is a major hassle. Better that when a user inserts an image there would be a button in that dialogue to upload and insert in one step, rather than two on two different tabs.

This makes training non-technical users to edit the site far easier by simplifying one of the most common edits to a page/post.

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