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Stripe Payment Gateway

It would be great to have this implemented https://stripe.com/ .


Official response from not planned

We have no plans at this time to integrate Stripe. Democracy Engine is a popular choice for many of our customers and is fully integrated with NationBuilder and also provides its own web service for a very reasonable price. See http://nationbuilder.com/how_much_does_nationbuilder_charge_for_donation_processing for more detailed information on payment processors that we support.

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Tags and/or categories for blog entries

How about tags and/or categories for blog entries which would be visible to the public?

Official response from completed

This is in now, and it works for all pages, not just blog posts.

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Integrating the ICICI Bank payment processor

I suggest for Indian client/ audience the payment gateway processor  need to integrate in donate page. The rupee symbol need to replace the dollar symbol.

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Adding ranked survey question

so that users can rank choices and the system would tally them.

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Precinct Liquid Tag

I'd love to see a liquid tag for 'precinct' (or precinct code) added so that we can provide different content to a signed-in user based on thier electoral district.  

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Import contact log

It would be nice to be able to import via CSV files contact logs. Sometimes, we use external ways to contact supporters and we could then import it into our NationBuilder database. 

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Endorsement Highlights

I find it completely useless to highlight someones name but not their endorsement when you select "highlight endorsement".

I suggest that highlighted endorsements show the actual endorsements and not just the names above all other endorsements and with a light yellow coloured background to show they are special/highlighted.

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Negative Search Option with Tags

I would like to be able to do a negative search on a list, so that a search will show everything that does NOT have a specific tag or tags.

The example is that I may go through a list and tag a bunch of records, and now want to see the records that did not get tagged.

Official response from completed

Add everyone to a list, then click on the tag you want to remove and click on the "-" next to the total amount of people. You'll then have a list in your shopping cart with all the people who don't have that tag. For more on using the people shopping cart and creating lists in NationBuilder, check out this short how-to video.

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Recurring memberships

It would be great to have automated emails for expiring membership terms - so if someone signs up in January, they get an email in December reminding them to renew and than another reminder right before renewal. The ability to customize this kind of email alert would be very helpful for membership organizations.

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Automatic followup for creating event

When a user creates an event, often it's good for somebody to get back to them with support and questions. If a followup could be set when someone creates an event, that would make this less likely to fall between the cracks.

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multilingual nations

Any plans to adds tools that would allow Nations to be multiple language?

To have a nation display in both english and spanish we'd need not just a content mgmt tool for i18n, but also a way to create and organize templates into spanish and english, and a button to allow users to switch back and forth.

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Multiple broadcaster email analytics view

If I'm running an email campaign and sending several emails over a span of time from multiple broadcasters, I don't want to have to go into each individual broadcaster one at a time to see the email analytics for the whole campaign. There should be a "view emails from multiple broadcasters" check box or filter when looking at email analytics.

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Choosing Fields for Export

This is an important functionality, especially for the fundraising teams out there. This goes along with the ability to print more detailed reports. The idea here is that before we go to export a particular list we have the ability to select which fields are included in that export.

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Terminate NB email server option; lack of spam filter leads to deluge of spam supporters/people

NB's email server (as opposed to gmail) appears to have NO SPAM FILTERING.  So our NB site has been deluged with spam supporters, spam people, and spam prospects.  They would be most of our "people" if we didn't delete them daily.  It has rendered NB almost useless.  If NB can't put a really good spam filter on it's email server, then it should not offer the option.  Apparently even NB's own support folks don't user NB email; they use gmail. We choose NB's email because it was "one stop shopping" and should have been seemless with NB.  But we can't tolerate this anymore!

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Add a Project Management Page.

Part of organizing volunteers is managing projects.  It would be great to have a project management page that allowed us to create project templates and assign those to volunteers when it needs to be worked on. 

Official response from not planned

Tony, project management apps can be a great help in managing volunteers. We don't presently have plans for a PM page type, but we can recommend Asana, which we happily use internally for our own projects. (We also use Pivotal Tracker on the engineering side.)

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Dedupe time of day

It would be great to at least know what time of day the dedupe process is going to occur. Even better it would be nice to be able to set the time or manually start the process.

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Backend calendar

It would be great to have a separate calendar that only people with permission can edit and view. This would be used in a task management function to sort deadlines, assignments, staff meetings, etc.

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Broadcaster twitter followers not being made "Supporters"

When I linked my twitter account with my broadcaster account on hk.nationbuilder.com, I noticed it brought all of my followers in as "Supporters". Would it be possible to have these listed as "Prospects" or something else instead?

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