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Field selection for exports

The code editor in Theme files/templates skips when scrolling in Chrome

Some recurring donations are noted in the payment processor but not in NationBuilder

Unable to download or create themes using ThemeSync

Limit number of event tickets available

Manually RSVPing to an event does not take into account the time zone of the event - shows in Pacific Time

Large site clones sometimes fail due to duplicate slugs or page tags

Embedly links not automatically embedding on NationBuilder pages

Outgoing emails blocked by ATT

Create a NationBuilder theming integration with Dropbox

Reports of delays in publishing theme files

BUG: Data from input fields on Signup and Petition pages not saving for signed in users.

Automatically Adding County from Google Maps Geocoding

In log contact, need different path options each support level. Need a path for oppose to be null.

Profile picture is broken for profiles without a Twitter image

Past events are not automatically being set as "expired" and are still showing on the calendar.

Flickr Galleries Disappeared

Unable to add signatures to a list from a petition page

Update on downtime from Tuesday, August 30

User submitted events being created with slugs that don't work