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Link to html_preview version of Email in Preview view

Liquid Variable - Full List of a Signup's Memberships

Enable clearing fields using import

Ability to auto assign point people based on a filter

Send test emails to multiple people

Add markdown support to extended text fields in the control panel

Email timing dashboard

Add "is not between" option to transaction date filters

Adding a tag doesn't trigger a webhook

Set goal for donations on specific page/tracking code

Allow filtering for donation date "within" or "not within" X days

Allow users to more easily choose which custom fields are requested on a form

Roll-up or combine activities with the same action callbacks

"Always publish" option to newly synced files with Dropbox

Social share prompt won't post to twitter if tweet + link is over 140 characters

Create filter criteria for tracking code contains/starts with

Add ability to toggle between logged in, logged out and sorta logged in with Preview mode

Ability to add more than 5 custom permission sets

NationBuilder strips words from street suffixes in certain cases

Create a "Save" button separate from "Save and preview" when composing an email body