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Instances of duplicate Facebook profiles

BUG: Data from input fields on Signup and Petition pages not saving for signed in users.

Add ability to award points in bulk update

More Tagging controls

Non-Receiptable and Electronic Tax Receipts

adding a failsafe "are you sure you want to send this email blast"

Automatically Adding County from Google Maps Geocoding

Description field on tags

Need filter criterion for signup_type (Person vs. Organization)

Automated Reminder E-mails for Events

Setting to change date and distance format to most used worldwide appreciated

Want to display survey results to my survey takers

Add date format option of DD/MM/YYYY

new recurring donation function on same page as donation page

Site wide FB thumbnail image

Add native NationBuilder website search

Instant vs. Daily notifications

In log contact, need different path options each support level. Need a path for oppose to be null.

Option for 'Due date' on paths and path steps to generate a reminder

Store membership information in an array within a "Signup.memberships" liquid object