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Slug length

Add Prefix variable into Email Blast

Expand volunteer shift scheduling functionality

Please let us save turf cuts.

Free option for mult-tiered event ticketing

Redirect users to a specific page upon logging in

Page-level permissions

Twitter post character limit still at 140

Event Maximum Capacity does not limit number of tickets sold

Monthly donor automated tax receipts

Past events are not automatically being set as "expired" and are still showing on the calendar.

Link to html_preview version of Email in Preview view

Add two additional on/off toggles for unique ID's and Custom Fields to permission sets.

Custom field data not syncing to newly created field

Allow syncing of SSO identity mappings via tag sharing

Email API

Roll-up or combine activities with the same action callbacks

Use a path step to initiate an automated email

Social share prompt sometimes doesn't share the social media image

Billing: Add-on or a la carte Feature Option