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NationBuilder text messaging + you on YouTube = #Winning


As viewer eyeballs continue to shift away from the television to tablets and mobile phones, the ability to reach an audience with video advertisements is diminishing. NationBuilder offers a solution to this problem by allowing you to deliver ads and video directly to an individual's phone. The ads are not delivered using QR codes or Bluetooth, which require effort on the part of the reciever, but through one of the simplest and most popular forms of communication today - text messaging. 

If you're not already using text messaging to reach your supporters, you should be. Sixty-eight percent of US cell phone users actively send text messages and SMS traffic is expected to reach 9.6 trillion this year.

With NationBuilder, not only can you text ads directly to your supporters' phones, you can also run A/B testing of two different ads to gauge their relative effectiveness and generate real time feedback. Here's how:

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Easily resize your videos in NationBuilder pages

In our continued efforts to streamline website setup with NationBuilder, we've just released a new feature for resizing your YouTube and Vimeo videos with our integration. With a simple formula and no need for digging into the templates, you can adjust the size of your video player right from the WYSIWYG content editor. You can even use this for supporter-posted video content with no control panel access.

Here's example info for a 600-pixel wide video (the height will automatically scale - and this example is an image file because the text will automatically convert to invisible comments on our content editor):


And a 300-pixel video:


This works for all video embeds.