Taylor Pineiro

Product Specialist


Product Specialist

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As a kid I loved learning and adventure - I was pretty sure that I was going to grow up to be Indiana Jones. I knew that whatever I did I wanted to be working on several exciting projects at once. I had a really hard time translating that desire into real life and I felt totally lost for a long time. I went to college, I went to grad school, I joined non-profit boards and had jobs that felt a little bit soul crushing.

I finally took some time to dig down to what I really want to do. I discovered that, at a basic level, I want to help people. The hardest challenges I had in my volunteer work were helping team members discover their passion and giving them the tools and support to move forward. I excelled at these challenges and, very quickly, they turned into what I sought out and loved.

Helping people find out what they want to do is why I joined NationBuilder. You have this spark but you don’t know the next step - I’m so happy to help with that. As the Organizing Director for the Frontline team I get to help people use NationBuilder better every single day by working with the Product Team and every other team at NationBuilder to make the experience the best it can be - from the very first time you visit NationBuilder.com. 

I also have a baby, am married to a Film Director, love the Chicago Bears, am from Las Vegas, lived in NYC for 13 years, moved to LA in 2013 and I only read Stephen King books -- maybe in my second act I’ll be Indiana Jones.  


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New suggestion –
To my understanding, with the upcoming launch of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 site, we’re NationBuilder’s first foray into purely entertainment brands and the rabid fan-bases that surround and support them. While the NationBuilder platform already has many pieces of functionality that are ideal for these purposes, the one area we’ve discovered it appears to be significantly lacking is having a native forums platform. The make-shift ‘forums’ that we were given is not going to accomplish what we need to provide to fans, so we’re going to have to launch without it until we have a better alternative solution.

The ideal solution would be for NationBuilder to include a native forums platform that integrates directly with your CMS so that it tracks user activity, we’re able to include subscriber-only content behind that paywall (consistent with other sections of the site), and it maintains single sign-on.

It would be great to hear NationBuilder’s thoughts on this, and what a potential roadmap could look like for implementing, as we will need to move forward with plans to implement something in the coming months, whether it be something NationBuilder can offer or adding in a third-party solution. I do strongly feel offering a native, robust forums solution is going to be essential if NationBuilder is looking to grow their business in the entertainment market.

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