uCampaign - Fully customized iOS/Android app for candidates and advocacy

Get your followers to take action by giving them a proven organizing tool branded to your cause.


We create custom apps for candidates, advocacy groups and organizations to drive up engagement among your supporters using social capital and peer-to-peer leverage. We offer advanced features such as mapping and matching your supporters’ phone address book contacts and crowdsourcing grassroots activities like text messaging to your supporters. We recently added the ability to match your supporters to their state and federal elected officials using geolocation to make lobbying more seamless. Clients include national and international presidential candidates, advocacy groups and referendums.

Pricing: Enterprise and budget solutions beginning at $500 activation + $100/mo.
Contact: Nick Elliott · nelliott@ucampaignapp.com · 301-792-9670

About the app

  • 98% delivery rate of push notifications to your supporters.
  • Supporters can contact their elected officials by phone, twitter, email with a pre-populated message in seconds – we use GPS to map their representation.
  • App tracks every activity your supporters complete, awards Action Points (AP) and social capital, connects to your nation and grows your contact universe / data picture.
  • Obtain a verified email, cell or Facebook ID with every login + supporters fill out their own user profile with additional contact and demographic info. 
  • Advanced features: canvassing, phone address book matching, personalized invites and crowdsourcing, surveys, trivia, games, leaderboards, messaging, and event check-ins.
  • Custom icons, colors, badges, levels, points, limits, and features.

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