how does submitting issues in this forum, help get them fixed?

I am really, really disheartened that this suggestion (make deceased records not mailable) was first posted two years ago; b) has been strongly supported by many people; c) would seem to be a relatively simple thing to implement; and d) has not been implemented and is not planned.

If, given (a), (b) & (c), this suggestion has still not been implemented, then what hope has any suggestion of being implemented? What is the point of the frequent exhortation to please share with others to get them to comment on it and "vote it up"? It would appear from this case, that that has no effect.

Is there any evidence that submitting issues and suggestions in this forum has any effect at all on getting them fixed / implemented? What is it? I'd prefer stats but I'll take examples. Or perhaps, could you give us an idea of the process which is triggered when an issue is submitted, and how the decision is made to fix it or not? I would really like to know that I am not wasting my time.


Thanks Tanya - just to follow up on Ben's comment below I'm going to mark this as 'considering' so that it doesn't come up in the filter for issues that are completed or started - and to reiterate that we are paying attention to every suggestion. 

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