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Issue: Hi- someone mentioned in a webinar that I might be able to get help w/changing the secondary color on one of the templates. I’d like to change the orange on my site to a light blue (this is the hex code: #5ccfe6). Is there someone that can help me with that?

Also, I wanted to be able to create a button so that someone can download a petition. Is there a way to do that? I’ve stored the petition in MailChimp so I guess I can just link/deliver from there but I wanted to see if there’s a feature for that here.

We haven’t started utilizing NationBuilder much bc I’m still struggling a bit w/making the website look decent. I think I’m finally getting it figured out but some things are still weird— my images seem to load strangely.

Right now I want to just create something super basic so I can link to it from an email — for ppl to sign up to help gather petitions and donate. So I’m going to hide everything except the petition page and the donate page. Then I’ll come back and fill in all of the website and set up our custom URL.

Thanks for any help you’re able to provide.

Take care-

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