What is the difference between ban and delete?

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If you delete someone they can come back with the same information - but if you ban them nobody can join your nation with those credentials again.


From our documentation:

Deleting a person: Removes her profile from your nation and abandons any user-produced content. Deleting a person is irreversible. A group of people can be deleted using a list

A profile cannot be deleted if the profile has:

  • a permission level (i.e. control panel access)
  • made a donation
  • been sent an invoice
  • been connected to an expenditure
    • received an expenditure
    • created an expenditure
    • listed as the person / organization the expenditure was about (in support of or in opposition to)

Banning a person: Profile is marked as banned. No one can login to your nation using the Twitter, Facebook, or email accounts connected to the profile. Once you ban a profile with a Twitter account, you will also block them on Twitter. The person can be unbanned. This process is usually done after a person receives three rules violations.  

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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