Log email contacts by copying any message to nation member

Please add the ability to log email contacts with nation members by copying emails to a dedicated NB address. This is an especially useful function in Salesforce. By bcc'ing a message to my dedicated NB address, the message would be attached to the contact records for any email address to which it is sent. 

(I.e., after sending a message sent to supporter@domain.org and supporter2@domain.org and bcc'ed to NB0987654321@nationbuilder.com, the message would appear in the contact logs of both "supporter" and "supporter2".)

Logging contacts is highly important, but emailing from a nation member's profile is cumbersome, and will probably never replace using my usual email program. 


Second update: Actually, the bcc'ing will only work if you are writing from the broadcaster account that you are bcc'ing and bcc'ing that address. Cc'ing the broadcaster email will work if you have 'receive incoming email for this address' checked and the settings configured correctly

So it is not specifically possible to bcc an address and have it log in your nation. 

Update: John, I've confirmed that this is a bug that some people are experiencing. If you bcc a broadcaster it should log in your nation. I will update here when there are any updates on a fix! Once it's fixed we can confirm if it does what you're looking for or if your suggestion still stands. 

Thanks John - you should be able to bcc your broadcaster and have the email show up in your nation - however I'm currently having trouble getting it to work in my test nation so I'm going to do some digging and get back to you! 


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