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Name field only partially editable when you import Organizations with the Import API


We uncovered an issue while using the Import API to import organizations to NationBuilder. We sent the Organization Name to the name attribute in the Import API and we noticed the following:

  1. The organization's name appears as it should at the top of its Profile
  2. But when you go to Edit the Name, the only text you see in the Name field is the last word of the Name!

If you switch this Organization to a Person and save it, then you see the last word in the last name field and everything before it is in the First Name field.

As a result, the only way to edit the beginning of an Organization's Name, if it is a multi-word named, imported Organization is by changing it to a Person, editing the first name, saving it and switching it back to the Organization. 

If you re-import that same Organization with changes at the beginning of its name, that does work.



Update - please see the comment thread below - We don't have plans to change this liquid more clear at the moment.

Thanks Zaheda - can you please take a look at Ben's comment below for a follow up question?

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