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how do I make it so my client can view and respond to comments in contact page

Im having trouble with filling out the contact form on the "contact us" page. When I fill it out and send it I get an auto-response saying that it has been sent. But I don't know where it gets sent to and I want to make it so my client gets emailed the message on their personal email (Gmail for example). Is there a way to do this so my client doesn't have to log into nationbuilder?

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Hi Josh:

Your "Contact Us" page is probably a feedback page. You can set up notification emails to be sent to your client for any new feedbacks posted. The notification email content includes the email address of the person who left feedback, so your client can simply send them an email to follow up.

Before you start counting on this workflow, make sure you test all of the places notifications need to be enabled in your nation.  

Complete and current information on how to use NationBuilder is available in the documentation section.

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