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After updated Silent Post, some recurring donations not in NationBuilder

Customers experiencing this issue have already ran the Silent Post update as required to sync reoccuring payments with NationBuilder records, see guide to do this here: After the silent post fix, some reoccuring donations are still not appearing, while most are.


Update 7/2/18

Our engineers have implemented a solution where new recurring donations will successfully post to NationBuilder. If you are still experiencing issues with new recurring donations posting to NationBuilder, please contact

Additionally, if you are still missing recurring donations from the past, please reach out to and the support team can help schedule a backfill of your missing recurring donations.

Update 6/6/18

We have identified that some customers have missing recurring recurring donations for March, April, & part of May. Our team is currently working on a fix to backfill those donations, but don't have an exact ETA.

In the meantime, to help assist NationBuilder in backfilling your recurring donations, please turn on your Transactions Reporting API in You can find instructions for this under's Transaction Reporting documentation. This will enable NationBuilder to query the missing donations in, and backfill them when the fix is ready.

Further, if you have worked around this issue by manually entering missing recurring donations in NationBuilder, we highly recommend adding a tracking code or some kind of custom field in the donation to keep track of the replacement donation. This is so that you can avoid duplicate donations, by tracking and deleting replacement donations when NationBuilder is finally ready for a backfill.

We apologize for the long-standing nature of this issue. Please reach out to if you should have any questions in the interim.

Thanks, Danny. Our engineering team is aware of the issue, and they're currently investigating a fix that would backfill missing recurring donations in NationBuilder. Please note that the issue is only occurring inside of the NationBuilder platform, and that donations should still be processed within the payment processor. We do not have a timeline for a fix.

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