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When is it safe to delete list after invoking add tag endpoint?

I want to add/delete a bunch of tags from a bunch of people. This involves multiple sequences along the lines

  • Create temporary list
  • Add people to list
  • Add tags to people in list / remove tags from people in list
  • Delete list

The documentation for the add tag endpoint says:

Use this endpoint to apply a tag to the people contained in a list. Note: this endpoint returns a HTTP 204 status code, but the tag is not applied immediately. For larger lists, this operation takes many minutes.

The remove tags endpoint is similar. So when is it safe to delete the list?

Official response from


Once your done with adding/removing tags from those people you can delete the list. Deleting the list does not delete the people on that list ( when you hit the /api/v1/lists/:list ID endpoint.

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