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commented on #EverydayLeaders
Name: Leah Yuyitung. City: Scarboruogh. I was leading a small group of parents before Covid, I knew about Leah as she often tried to help or community. All of a sudden after Covid she texted me if we need milk, she has some milk bags from food bank contacts. I asked parents in my group if they wanted some and they needed. Leah did so many deliveries from food bank to our market rental apartment. After realizing high need for food bank in the community she contacted few more organizations and all together they started the pop up food bank for our community that was blessing for many families in our group. I can not thank enough for her kindness and dedication to serve our community selflessly. She always asked what we need for community and I asked our parents. She did amazing job making connections to different organizations and they opened their doors for our community. Our group moms did some training courses like food handling and small business training to enhance their skills and get employment and Leah helped with everything from registering them to prepare for the exams. In order to giving back to the community we decided to make washable masks for community and she gathered all the supplies for our mask initiative. Kids received many books and activities during lockdown. Our parent group is grown to 147 parents from 40 parents now. After each distribution in 5 buildings in Woburn community we kept growing and started knowing and supporting each other. Leah was the one who made this possible. We still are team she is focusing on seniors and youth as well.
posted 2020-12-11 02:47:59 -0800