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Better WYSIWYG editor and media upload/management

Originally suggested September 24, 2014

The content creation workflow is pretty horrendous.

It would be great if there was a better media upload and media management experience within the WYSIWYG editor for each content section.


Update 01/19/18 - We have made a change that will allow copy and pasting of content with the right-click function (like it worked in the past) as well as with keyboard shortcuts.

Update 12/21/17 - we have shipped the first update! Ben Handzo, our VP of Product, just sent an email that's cross posted to our blog with the details. 

There are a few noteworthy workflow improvements. You can now:

  • Paste content directly from Word and keep its formatting
  • Use standard keyboard shortcuts or browser menus to copy (⌘ + c), paste (⌘ + v), bold (⌘ + b), italicize(⌘ + i), hyperlink (⌘ + k), and more  
  • Align images using the alignment buttons (left, center, right), rather than the image settings menu
  • Display menu options by right clicking where you want to make changes

Update 12/11/17 - We have begun work to update the WYSIWYG! We will post updates here as they occur.

There is an update to the WYSIWYG editor planned but we do not have a timeline at the moment. 

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