commented on NationBuilder strips words from street suffixes in certain cases
The suffix standardisation isn’t causing a problem, per se, although it isn’t usual in the UK to use the abbreviated suffixes. The problem is with missing punctuation or other missing parts of the addresses. Just look at the examples.
Take the first, the address is “63/73 Hills Road” not “63 73 Hills Road”, its missing the slash. Or another, it’s “1 Park Farm Cottages” it’s absolutely not “1 Park Farm”, which could well be a completely different address.
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commented on "Report spam" option not appearing on activities in the control panel
I’m getting lots of spam on volunteer sign up pages and am seeing the same.
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Well I can’t find it. Care to post a link to the duplicate.
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commented on When is it safe to delete list after invoking add tag endpoint?
The endpoint to add or delete tags from a list of individuals initiates the process and is non-blocking. The API documentation says it can take many minutes. I believe that if I delete the list before the addition or deletion of tags has completed, that it will not complete, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to tell when the process is complete and thus when it is safe to delete the list.
posted 2016-10-17 16:19:17 -0700